Xbox Smartwatch Prototype Leaked Online

Xbox is one of the popular game console in the market, but little did we know that they have experimented on developing their own Xbox Smartwatch, yes Microsoft ventured into the smartwatch game and developed a prototype of Xbox wearable.

Based on the leaked photos, the smartwatch does have a rectangular design with a 1.5” inch screen, similar to Apple Watch. The smartwatch is said to have been developed last 2013, just like other smartwatches. The device sports a variety of fitness and health features including a heart rate monitor and with a charging cradle of sort, based on the magnetic charging connector at the back.

With the Xbox name on the back of the smartwatch, it is possible that the device has features for gaming or perhaps it works with the Xbox gaming console. If the wearable made it to the market, it could have been the first smartwatch with support for a gaming console.

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Sadly, it did not, maybe this is due to the dwindling smartwatch sales last quarter of 2015, where the Xbox smartwatch is expected to be release. Or perhaps due to competitions as well as the lackluster performance of the Microsoft Band 2 that was eventually discontinued last April of 2016.

We don’t know if Microsoft will eventually venture into a smartwatch game, especially after the failed Microsoft Band 2 and the very steep competition in the smartwatch arena, so far Apple and Samsung already made it to the top with ease, I guess Microsoft have to exert a lot of effort and resources to bring in a true smartwatch contender.

This year, Garmin Forerunner, Fitbit Ionic, Apple Watch 3 and Samsung Gear Sport is having a four way battle, who do you think will win when it comes to sales? Can Fitbit Ionic of Gear Sport kick the Apple Watch 3 in the top spot? Stay tuned…




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