Cubot F1 Smartwatch – Sporty Outdoor Smartwatch

For outdoor sport enthusiast, this upcoming smartwatch might suit your taste, a smartwatch built with outdoor sport in mind.

Introducing the Cubot F1, a smartwatch built for tougher activities outdoor. The sporty body protected by a metal frame that not only protects the overall body smartwatch but also serves as an aesthetic, with a TPU strap and stainless steel buckle. The Cubot F1 is tightly built making it is secured from water splashes, rain and accidental drop in water. The IP67 waterproof rating making it a great companion outdoors.

Clear and Visible Display

Unlike other smartwatch in the market with a fancy color screen, the Cubot F1 has a 1.2” inch FSIN screen that has a great viewing angle and even in direct sunlight. This screen technology not only provide good display output but also is a power saver. This screen technology has also been used by popular smartwatch company in their rugged outdoor smartwatch.

Hardware and Sensors

As we already mentioned, the F1 smartwatch is built for sport, no wonder Cubot loaded it with a six axis sensor and a smartchip that support multi-mode sport. It also has a heart rate monitor with continuous heart rate monitoring option.

Please take note that Cubot F1 is more than just a sporty multi-mode device. It also provide smart notifications in a non-intrusive way, when the device receive notifications like SMS, social app reminder or alarm, it gently vibrates to notify you with the incoming information.

We don’t have yet the complete specifications of the Cubot F1 but based on the sneak preview of the specs and features provided by Cubot, the smartwatch has some promising features. This Cubot F1 could be a contender for one of the best outdoor smartwatch in the market. Know more about the company and their wearables at


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