Sailfish Watch OS Ported to an Android Smartwatch

Remember SailFish? Nope not that fish, but the mobile O.S that was believe to be a contender for open source O.S for mobile devices, along with Firefox OS and Tizen. Well Firefox OS is dead, Tizen is moving forward and Sailfish OS is still breathing so far. Well the latest update on the Sailfish is on the wearable section, the company was able to port it to an Android smartwatch, so far based on the video it works seamlessly with the hardware. The company somewhat patterned its smartwatch O.S to an existing open source OS called Asteroid O.S which was using the same libraries such as Mer and Nemi.


With the compatibility layer LibHybris allows the group to have a quick access to Android hardware which makes it easy to create QML APIS to home screen, connectivity, profiles, power management and other features such as calendar, weather, display, clock.

According to the company the Sailfish OS made it easy to include lay-outs, gestures, animations, icons and fonts. The video shows how the smartwatch works on the smartwatch, its menus and apps, the main home screen is a Sailfish Style horizontal carousel with a very easy to navigate app and functions. So far the company did not say whether they have plans to release a smartwatch powered by Sailfish OS, but if the company will be able to partner with other companies to use the Sailfish OS to their smartwatches it will be a great help for the Sailfish OS to grow as smartwatch OS.

See the video demo below from Sailfish OS in Android Smartwatch


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