Meizu H1 Smartband A minimalist $33 Dollar Smartband

The wait is finally over as Meizu finally unveiled the new smartband, the fitness tracker is called Meizu H1 smartband, a $33 dollar smartband with several health and fitness features.


Aside from telling time, the Meizu H1 smartband features a heart rate monitor that works in static and dynamic mode,  it also features a step counter, with calorie counter, sleep monitoring and sedentary reminder. The smartband also features push notifications from your smartphone such as incoming call or text, anti-lost phone. It is IP67 waterproof rating that can stay submerge up to 30 minutes.


But the most noticeable about the Meizu H1 smartband is its unibody design and the small light blue OLED display. It only display minimal information similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 2, if you want more detailed information just rely on your smartphone for all the complete stats.


I am a fan of its unibody design, though for some it is a turn off as you will not be able to customize the strap. Despite its small display, it is disappointing that it has only 15 days of battery life. With it we don’t know if it will be able to compete with the likes of MGCOOL band, NO.1 F1 smartband which has a better screen display and with longer battery life.

The Meizu H1 smartband is now available for pre-order in different Chinese based online shopping sites.


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