Huawei Might Used Tizen in its Next Smartwatch

Remember that some of the biggest tech companies who released their own version Android Wear smartwatches last year will be having a rest this year in making an Android Wear based smartwatches. This includes Huawei who unveiled their one and only smartwatch the “HUAWEI Watch”. It’s not yet known whether Huawei watch did have a successful entry in the smartwatch world or not, but it did received positive reviews from its classy/premium look and specs.


Anyways, a rumor is circulating that Huawei might change its heart, instead of using Google’s Android Wear to its wearable, Huawei might opt to choose Samsung’s Tizen for wearables in its next smartwatch. Citing that Google is increasing its restriction on its Android Wear OS and Huawei is having a hard time collaborating to the said company over Android Wear. While with Tizen, Samsung is willing to cooperate with Huawei in developing their smartwatch running Tizen O.S.

So far there is no confirmation yet from HUAWEI or Samsung, so just this rumor should all be taken with a huge grain of salt, I think.




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