iBeat Life Smartwatch – Monitors your Heart Rate Non-Stop

Several days ago we tackled a popular smartwatch in Kickstarter that focuses on hydration, the LVL smartband in kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded with still several days to go to its campaign. This time a smartwatch with a specific function is also getting a lot of attention in Indiegogo, a watch that may save your life, check out the “iBeat Life Monitor” a smartwatch that monitors your heart beat.


Yes you might say that there are several smartwatches already in the market that provide the same kind of offering, a heart rate monitor. But iBeat Life smartwatch is more than just monitoring the beat of your heart, like Moto 360, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3, the iBeat monitors your heart rate nonstop and warns you if something is wrong or if its life threatening. If something is wrong, iBeat will instantly alert the user as well as the family and emergency responders to get you a proper medical care, thus saving your life.

The smartwatch is $99 in an early bird special but don’t bet on it, as we are pretty sure it’s already sold out right now. If you want, you can pick the $5,000, you get the iBeat smartwatch plus they will fly you to New York City to meet Dr. Oz backstage and sit VIP at his show, plus a 2 night hotel stay in NYC and other perks.


  • Medical-grade sensors monitor
  • Monitors heart rate, tissue oxygenation, perfusion and movement
  • Detects an oncoming life-threatening incident
  • Real Time alerts and Updates
  • Built in GPS


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