LVL Smartband First Wearable Hydration Monitor

We all know, health bands are in demand right now especially for health benefits, there are several companies who are making millions of dollars with their all in one smartband/health bands, as people are becoming health conscious right now including us “Health is wealth” they say.


No wonder why LVL smartband, got funded fast with its initial pledge of $50,000, its Kickstarter fund is now about over half a million dollars, at least 4,315 backers with 29 days left to its campaign to have more backers.

Well what is the fuzz about the LVL smartband?

LVL smartband takes the pride of being the first wearable hydration monitor. The smartband provide instant real-time hydration levels alerting you if you need to hydrate during workout. I just not only alert you but also recommend the amount of fluid that you need, based on current levels and sweat rates. The company says by having the right amount of fluid in your body improves your sleep, mood and overall feel of your body.


It’s an all in one fitness smartband with focused on hydration levels.

It’s not just all about hydration levels that LVL smartband provides, it also track you heart rate, it also has an auto sleep function, smart alarm, intuitive mood input by combining mood and hydration analytics. It is also able to track steps, distances as well as the hydration integration, smart coaching, 24/7 calorie tracking. It’s an all in one fitness smartband with focused on hydration levels.


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