Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch Might Run Tizen OS

Huawei is getting ready to unveil its new devices including the Honor S1 smartwatch, a new wearable device said to be powered by a different operating system. Remember that Huawei confirmed several months ago that they will not be using the Android Wear OS for its wearable for the meantime.


A teaser image shows a watch that it’s safe to say its waterproof based on the image shown, and it’s circular. So far there are no specs and even a hint of features for the smartwatch, we still have to wait I think for the unveiling on October 18, 2016.

With this, it put a lot of questions to tech fans like a riddle, what will Huawei used in its smartwatch? If Huawei will opt to choose a proprietary OS, do they have a ready full running OS for wearable? If they have, the issue of populating it with apps is the main problem for Huawei, it will take time and they will need a lot of resources plus convincing power to lure developers to develop apps for its wearables which will be a huge challenge for the company.

Tech experts suggest that Huawei might use the Tizen OS for wearables, well this is not far fetch as Huawei is also a part of Tizen Association, and take part in the development of Tizen OS. For several months it’s been long rumored that Huawei might use Tizen OS for its smartwatches, if this is true, the move of Huawei might create a domino effect and might push other companies also to switch to Tizen instead of using Android Wear.

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