Zeblaze Plug C – Reflective Always On Display Smartband

Zeblaze Plug C – Reflective Always On Display Smartband

Tired of using your smartband due to poor performance of its screen outdoors? Well, you are not the only one, most of the smartband in the market has a very disappointing performance especially on its screen, only few fitness trackers do have a good display output especially in direct sunlight.

One of the latest smartband to have an always on display as well as having a fantastic display even in direct sunlight is the Zeblaze Plug C, an upgraded version of the Zeblaze Plug that was released several months ago.

Right now the smartband is on sale at Banggood.com, get it for less with their limited sale. Price at $39.99 Only.

See the Price and Specs of the Zeblaze Plug C Here

Here are its features and specs of the new smartband from Zeblaze


The smartband uses a 0.85″ inch Sharp reflective color LCD with always on display feature that is readable even in direct sunlight, its slight curve display and the cool screen makes it very attractive for those who are looking for a new smartband with good display.


The smartband is loaded with amazing features, it has a heart rate monitor with Powerpulse technology for better tracking of your heart rate. Additional features are call, text notifications with calendar alerts. Automatic sleep tracking with sleep stages and works side by side with heart rate monitor.  It also has an all day activity tracking, calorie counter, track and distance counter, anti-loss function.

If you are a fan of clock faces, well good news as the Zeblaze Plug C is loaded with several clock faces, pick from preloaded clock faces that suits your personality.


The smartband has 90 mAh Lithium polymer battery with 20 days of stanby time with 2 hours of charging.

If you are interested in getting one, grab one now as the band is on sale at Banggood.com for only $39.99 U.S dollars only.

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