ZE Pro Smart Watch (V2) – Review of Features of this Military Grade Wearable

ZE Pro Smart Watch – Review of Features of this Military Grade Wearable

Outdoor smart watches are popular for outdoor enthusiast, its the wearable to go when you are planning to hike, or just a stroll outdoors. So far only few wearables in the market do have a good protection outdoors. There are rugged smartwatches, but it is not what they say is a military grade rating wearable.

We stumble on this new smartwatch from ZE smartwatches, and based on its description of features and specs. The wearable is a military grade smart watch built for outdoors. Well, this wearable can be purchased exclusively from Zesmartwatches, but before you get one, let’s check out first its features, let s have a review/preview of this outdoor wearable.

Design and Display of ZE Pro Smartwatch

The ZE Pro Smart Watch, based on its description, the wearable is designed by team of ex-military engineers, with this the device is certainly built for outdoors.

According to ZEsmartwatches, the wearable has an outdoor design. Having a carbon fiber body, making it lightweight as well as durable with physical buttons on the side. The smartwatch is shockproof, dust proof and waterproof as well and looking like one of the Suunto Outdoor smartwatch.

The company behind the wearable guarantees the ZE Pro smartwatch can survive in any weather or climate conditions. They say that it is one of the most extremely durable military grades smart watch in the market. With its aircraft grade carbon material, the device is light without sacrificing the durability.


When it comes to display screen, the smart watch has a 1.22” inch IPS LCD screen display with full color screen display. The smart watch I think don’t support for touch screen operation but instead relies on the physical button on the side.

Regarding the display, I think its the first in wearables to have a 3D user interface. I’m not sure if the screen has a good viewing angle outdoors or has good resolution in direct sunlight, but based on some reviews of those who already bought the device, it got good display. I guess the 3D interface with animation adds a cool factor to the device.

Adding durability to the device, the display is protected by a 4th generation Gorilla Glass display. It is durable from scratches, chipping and with crystal clear clarity.

Features and Functions

3D Menus and Graphics

ZE Pro smart watch has a unique screen display. Instead of just a flat graphics, the wearable has a 3D display, this unique interface looks cool and trendy and gives the smart watch a unique look.

Health Monitoring

The smartwatch is packed with a heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor as well as sleep monitoring. It can keep track of your HR and blood pressure in real time.


For Sports and Fitness

ZE Pro Smartwatch is loaded with sports functions, as well as activity tracking. It has an automatic step counter with calorie and distance counter. I guess its sports and activity tracking is pretty standard, which is common on other wearables as well. To make it more interesting and attractive, the wearable has 3D graphs to show the status of your activities.

Smart Notifications

Aside from health and fitness functions, the smart watch is also packed with smart notifications and other functions. It got the usual call and message notifications, with support for other third party apps. There is also an alarm feature with vibration notifications. For the Bluetooth functions, it can take photos remotely, there is also anti-lost -find phone, find the smart watch feature.

Below are its complete specifications, see the specs of the wearable below. The display, processor, including the battery life.

Specifications of ZE Pro Smart Watch

Body: Carbon Fiber Material

Dimensions:27.00 x 5.00 x 1.48 cm

Product weight: 0.0750 kg

Display: 1.22” inch IPS LCD Gorilla Glass Display

Processor: Nordic 52832

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Battery Capacity: 180 mAh Charging Time: Less than 2 hours Standby time: 3-7 days

Compatibility: Android / iOS8.0 or above.

Package Contents: 1 x Smart Watch, 1 x Charging Cable, 1xUser Manual, 1 x Original box

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