SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90 – Light and Sporty

SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90 – Light and Sporty

Smart Watches are the trend these days, but there are still some fans of a lightweight minimalist type of wearables. A wearable that could track their daily activities especially workouts, simple and light.

This is what the SilverCrest Activity tracker is trying to aim with its SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90. We don’t have the device on our arsenal, so we will just try to check on its features and specifications based on its promotional images.

SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90 – Light and Sporty

Features – Sport and Health Functions

The wearable is integrated with multi-sport mode, get fit with its sport and fitness functions. Sports tracking included in the device are walking, running, cycling, hiking to name a few.

Each sport function is accompanied by calorie and distance counter with heart rate monitoring. Check all the status and graphs on the accompanied support app with the band.

SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90

If you are not into sports, you can still check your daily activity with its automatic activity tracking feature. It can track your steps with its built-in pedometer, count calorie burned throughout the day, as well as the distance your traveled based on the steps you have taken.

Health Functions

The wearable has a heart rate monitoring, it can monitor your HR 24/7 in real time. It also has a sleep monitoring as well as sedentary alert. For those who have to take a medicine on schedule, the SilverCrest Fitness tracker has a reminder for taking a medicine. Its a very useful for those are busy that they often forget to take their medicine on time.

Smart Notifications and other functions

Get real time notifications with call and message notifications, get social app notifications right away with its social app support. Tet alerted with the alarm, timer, calendar entries and weather reports.

Our Take on SilverCrest Fitness Tracker SAT90

Base on its specs and features, the fitness tracker do have promising features. It got the basic functions to keep you fit with its health and fitness functions. For notifications you can receive it in real time with support also for social apps. The smartwatch looks sporty and light just weighing 23 grams.

It is light with its PC + ABS body but durable enough to accompany you in your daily workout, whether its indoor or outdoor. The device has an IP67waterproof rating, no worries in getting it wet from splashes of water or rain.

SilverCrest Activity Tracker SAT90 Specifications

Display: TFT LCD

Body: PC + ABS Strap: TPU with Stainless Steel Lock

Dimensions: 4.32 x 2 x 1.3 cm

Weight: 23 g

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

Waterproof Rating: IP 67

Battery: 90 mAh lithium polymer battery for up to 15 days of stand-by operation

Compatibility: iOS version 8.0 or later, Android™ version 6.0 or later

Supported languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Slovak

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