Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Image Leaked? And All the Rumors

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Image Leaked? And All the Rumors

These past few months, there are a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming Mi Band 5. The latest is an image with a resemblance to the pill shape design of the Mi Band 3. According to the leaked information, it is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

It is not confirmed if it is really the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the company did not confirm it, the one that leaked the image on Weibo do have a questionable account, So, just take the leaked image with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, if the Mi Band 5 image is real, it is a huge upgrade when it comes the design of the display screen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

I think, a full screen slim bezel is the way to go. But if the image is just a fraud and just a product of image manipulation by someone who is having a boredom due to COVID-19 quarantine. Still it is a good design concept and Xiaomi should take note on the design.

Regarding with the rumors on its specs and features. According to the report, the next wearable will have an AMOLED display, a possible 1.2” inch display with touch screen support. Other health functions included are NFC support for Global version and not just China base only, a possible Google Play support. There will be an improvement and more support for health and fitness function, rumored to add the PAI function. The battery life is also expected to improve with the Mi Band 5.

So far, there are no reports on when will be the release date of the Mi Band 5 as well as its price and specs. But we are pretty sure that the Mi Band 5 will have an affordable price. One of the trademark of Xiaomi, cheap price with good product specifications and features.




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