Xenozu Player –Watch Youtube Videos on your Gear S3

If you have a Gear S3, you can watch your favorite Youtube video right on your smartwatch. Yes there is a Youtube player that you can install in your Samsung Gear S3. Check out and download the Xenozu Player for your Gear S3. by Xenzu technologies.

The Xenozu player is free to download in Galaxy App store, Gear section. The app is a Youtube video player for you Tizen smartwatch. With the app, you can watch your favorite Youtube video right on your Gear S3. The Xenozu Player allows the user to search for your favorite videos on Youtube, play, pause forward or adjust the volume of the video by rotating the bezel.  The UI is pretty simple and direct, select from different categories option such as Popular, Film and Animation, Sports, People and Blogs, Games,Travel and Events, How To and Style, Education, Comedy, Autos and Vehicles, Pets and Animals, or if you dont like the following options you can search for a particular video.

It may not have the best resolution but still it’s a good app to have for your Gear S3 or Gear S2, and it’s free to download. Please take note that there is now sound for those Gear devices that is not equipped with a speaker it may require Bluetooth headset.


  • Play, Pause, Adjust Volume and Brightness options
  • Search your favorite Youtube video
  • Select from different categories

Check out the video demo below from Eunso Choi

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