Gear WikiApp –Encyclopedia and Dictionary for Gear S3

There are moments that we don’t understand a certain word; we need a definition or information on a word that we are not familiar, sometimes we just need to check the correct spelling. No need to get a printed dictionary or encyclopedia book, no need to flick those pages, if you have a smartphone, well there are a lot of dictionary  and encyclopedia apps available for download.

But of course there is always a better way, if you have a Samsung Gear S3 you can have a simple encyclopedia/dictionary right on your wrist, yes there is an app for that. Check out the Gear WikiApp, an encyclopedia and dictionary in one, no need to take your phone out of your pocket just to check the meaning/information or spelling of the word you are looking for, the Gear WikiApp got it all.

With the app you can browse 20,000,000 articles right on your Gear S3, available in several languages like Swedish, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Vietnamese and Spanish. It is an easy to use app for your Samsung Gear S3, it has search functionality to help you find an article or word fast. With just a simple UI that includes a photo of the topic, plus with auto suggestion feature during search.

The GearWikiApp is free to download in Gear Store, developed by SRPOL R&D Institute Poland. The current version in Galaxy Gear Store is 1.4 as the time of this writing and weighs around 182.49 MB.

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