W39 Smartwatch – Review of Features

W39 Smartwatch – Review of Features

Check this popular smartwatch for kids, a wearable that your kids will surely love. Not just on its adorable design but also its kids safety functiontionality. See our initial review of the W39 kids smartwatch on its specs and features.

Design and Build Quality

The wearable has a kids design, colorful style in two tone design. It is a combination of red, blue as well as purple colors. A children style smartwatch that is light and ideal for kids age 3-15 years of age. On the side of the body, there is an SOS button, a SIM card tray. There is also a front camera located just above the display screen. Overall, its durable, its light, and with materials that is safe for your kids.

This includes the two tone silicon watch strap. When it comes to waterproof rating, the smartwatch IP67 waterproof rated, full waterproof and dustproof as well.



The W39 Kids Smartwatch has a high definition screen display. Sharp, crisp, full color screen display. 1.44” inch display providing more information, vivid crisp color with its retina screen display.

Features of W39 Kids Smartwatch

Safety Fence – equipped with GPS, the wearable has a real time trajectory. With this functionality you can have a safety fence for your kids. You will get alerted when your kids go outside of your specified border.

SOS – its another function that help your kids get safe. The wearable has an SOS button for emergency purposes. Kids can automatically activate the SOS button to call for helo in times of emergency. It is also equipped with remote guarding.

For Real Time Monitoring

The W39 Kids smartwatch supports two way calling, kids can initiate calls or the parent can make calls to their kids. The wearable has a nano SIM card feature to have independent calling. There is also a support for WeChat, so you can keep a constant communication to your kids with social messages.

Functions that your Kids will Love

Games, the wearable is equipped with math games kids can learn and at the same thime engjoy the brain games. It is also equipped with flash light, photography with its built-in camera, rewards, classroom lock function.

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