TranyaGo Smartwatch – Review of Features, Light & Thin Design

TranyaGo Smartwatch – Review of Features, Light & Thin Design

TranyaGo, a tech company with different popular products in the market. Its Bluetooth earbuds, the T10 & T3 series are pretty popular to tech fans. And now, it jump into the world of smartwatches with its TranyaGo smartwatch.

The wearable has a light sporty design, lets take a look at the different features & specifications of the TranyaGo smartwatch. See our initial review.

Design and Build Quality

The wearable TrayanGo smartwatch has a rectangular design. Its light & thin that makes it a perfect partner in your sports activity. Based on the promotional images, the smartwatch has three different color options pick from black, pink, and rose gold option. Overall, the TranyaGo smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating. Full waterproof as well as dust proof. It is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. No worries about wearing it whiel doing your sport activities.


With regards to display screen, the TrayanGo smartwatch has a wide screen display. Its display screen is a 1.69” inch high definition with 240 x 280 pixel resolution. Sharp, crisp, full color with touch screen operation.


When it comes to hardware, the wearable is equipped with g-sensor, heart rate monitoring. For its connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.0 that is comaptible with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above platform. With regards to battery life, the smartwatch has a lithium polymer battery, its 200 mAh battery provide 7-10 days of battery life.


Features of TranyaGo Smartwatch

Smart Notifications

Get messages in your smartwatch in real time whether its SMS or social app messages. Get notified via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line and more

Sports Training

The TranyaGo smartwatch is equipped with at least 9 sports mode. It has different sports to keep you fit and healthy. Sports included are basketball, football, dance, running, cycling swimming, badminton, pingpong, and tennis. Each sport function might monitor the steps, calories, as well as distance, and heart rate.

Health Function

For its health features, the wearable is equipped with heart rate monitoring, it monitors your HR 24/7 with data in the support app. Additional health function is the sleep monitoring. According to TranyaGo the wearable is equipped with modern sleep tracking system, to monitor the quality of sleep.

Bluetooth Functionalities

The wearable supports remote photo control, with this functionality you can use the smartwatch to control the camera on your phone. The wearable is also equipped with remote camera control, you can take pictures by just shaking the smartwatch.

Additional Functions

There is also a time, alarm, preloaded watch faces and more.

GloryFit Support App

To give your more control, the TranyaGo smartwatch uses the GloryFit app available in iOS and Android. It provide more data, stats as well as options.

TranyaGo Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.69″ inch LCD

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Battery: 200 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery life 10 days

Support App: GloryFit app

Compatibility: Android and iOS plaform

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