VeryFitPro app – How to Connect, Pairing Issues, Compatibility

VeryFitPro app – How to Connect, Pairing Issues, Compatibility

VeryfitPro application, one of the popular support app for variety of wearables such as smartband and smartwatches. It is available in iOS and Android platform. The support app is used by a lot of brands such as Yamay, Willful, Lintelek and other wearable products. The latest version of the app as of this writing is version 3.2.4 and weighs around 77 MB.

Here are some of the main features of VeryFitPro application

The wearable supports stats and graphs for automatic counter, it also has support for sports mode with calories, mileage and activity tracking. It also has comprehensive details on heart rate monitoring such as resting heart rate, average HR and max heart rate.

The VeryFitPro app also has support for map trajectory for smartwatches with support for built-in GPS and connected GPS as well. Another useful functions of the VeryFitPro app is the support for notifications, especially on the social app, having a lot of options.

One of the main features of the VeryFitPro app is the integration of Apple Health as well as Google Fit which is lacking in other support apps. Integrating the Apple Health and allowing the VeryFitPro to write the data of different functions such as heart rate, sleep analysis, steps and other sports data.


How to Connect to VeryFitPro app?

1. Download the VeryFitPro app (Available in iOS and Android)
2. Install the app and allow the necessary permissions (notification, access your location(GPS), allow the app to run the background, allow to write data.
3. Add device (please take note to full charge your device first before adding the smartwatch to the support app)

With its popularity, users encounter a lot of issues with its connectivity to the smartwatch. Below are some problems with the VeryfitPro app with regards to smartwatch connection.


VeryFitPro app Keeps Disconnecting

One of the main problems that first time users encounter is the unstable Bluetooth connection. To make sure that you have a stable connection, follow the OS version requirement and the version of the app. We encountered these issues several times, sometimes charging the smartphone will do the trick which is disappointing.

Notifications not Showing

Delayed or sometimes not showing at all in the smartwatch. Real-time messages and notifications are what we aim for. But there are times that our devices don’t cooperate. I think this problem is more of a low version or low quality of Bluetooth chip. We have tested a lot of smartwatches and we notice that a lot of problems like this occurs on wearables with Bluetooth 4.0 version and below. Wearable with Bluetooth 5.0 has a much faster connection, real-time notifications.

The Device doesn’t show in the VeryFitPro application

If you are trying to install the app for the first time and connecting your new smartwatch to it. And sadly your device is not showing in the device list, there might be some issues with the compatibility of the support app. This happens when a new update comes to the smartwatch and the firmware of the new smartwatch did not receive any OTA (over the air) update.

The above issues are some of the problems users usually experience with their smartwatch and support app. Below are some of the solutions.

Problem with Connection of Synchronization of VeryFitPro 

  • Restart your smartphone, you can also turn it off or reset the device to factory settings
  • Add the smartwatch again in the support application

Unstable Connection

  • Reinstall the support application
  • Reconnect the smartwatches
  • Remove other devices that are connected to the Bluetooth
  • Update the firmware (Go to  ‘Device”, Choose “Firmware Upgrade”)

Smartwatch doesn’t appear on the support application

  • Download an upgraded version or a lower version of the application
  • Remove other devices that are connected to the Bluetooth of your phone

Download the different version of app here

Download the VeryFitPro for Android here

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