Upcoming No.1 F6 Outdoor Smartwatch has 120 days of Battery life

After the outdoor, GPS loaded smartwatch No.1 F5, No.1 followed it up with a much more rugged, outdoor smartwatch that is shock resistance and waterproof smartwatch. Introducing the No.1 F6 Outdoor smartwatch.


The No.1 F6 outdoor smartwatch boast its 3 proof design with resin shell material including the strap, the design is somewhat similar to the popular outdoor smartwatch of No.1, the No.1 F2 outdoor smartwatch. It has a drop resistant body, shock proof and waterproof. With its design, it is certainly built for outdoor sports.


 The device is powered by Nordic NRF518222 processor, with similar display and UI with that of the No.1 F5 smartwatch. Sensors include are heart rate monitor, gyro sensors, and features multi-mode sports such as running, cycling, badminton, basketball, climbing, table tennis, football.


Just like previous smartwatches of No.1, the No.1 F5 still includes the basics such as calorie counter, pedometer, distance counter, app GPS trajectory, call and message notification via sound and vibration.


With all these features and sensors and a wide screen display, the smartwach is able to last 50 days of regular usage and 120 days of standby time with its 350 mAh Lithium Polymer battery.

So far, no information on the release date of the No.1 F6 smartwatch or the price details, stay tuned as we bring you updates about the No.1 F6 smartwatch. Watch the video presentation below of the No.1 F6 Smartwatch


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