U78 Plus 2020 Version Smartwatch –Ultimate Apple Watch 6 Clone?

U78 Plus 2020 Version Smartwatch –Ultimate Apple Watch 6 Clone?

Apple Watch 6 is just around the corner, and so far several smartwatches that is trying to copy the look of the next wearable is already available in the market. One of the latest is the U78 Plus smartwatch, the 2020 version do have a much closer look to the rumored Apple Watch 6. Even the features are more improved, from the body to the features added to it.

Here we check all its features including the design of the device and here is our initial take on the features and specs of the U78 Plus 2020 Smartwatch.

Design is a Copycat

The U78 Plus 2020 smartwatch has a zinc alloy body, with a design that mimics the Apple Watch 6, it has that curved edge, glossy finish, with a similar crown button on the side. On the bottom side is also a pill shaped button, completing the look of the Apple Watch. The strap is also similar in appearance, having a sporty snap on design. With regards to the display, the U87 Plus smartwatch has a 2.5D tempered glass looking like the popular brand.

U78 Plus Smart Watch

With regards to the display, I guess its downside is a low resolution screen. Unlike the W46 with a 360 x 360 pixel resolution, the U78 Plus has a 1.54″ inch with 240 x 240 pixel resolution only, with a full touch screen method of operation.

Features Improved, Crown Button is a Game Changer

One of the best feature of the Apple Watch is its crown button, it is tag by the Apple as the digital crown. It can be used to zoom and scroll, use Siri and other useful functions. With all the Apple Watch clone, it is where they mostly fail, usually the crown button on these clones work as a power/home button only.

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But now with the U78 Plus smartwatch, it is now much closer to the real deal. Its crown button is more than just a home/power button. With its button, the users can now use it to switch page, zoom the graphics and menus on the smartwatch. It’s a good improvement on this Apple Watch clone and might be game changer.

Here are the functions of the Digital Button of U78 Plus Smartwatch

  • Page Switch
  • Dial Switch
  • Zoom in/Zoom out

Full Packed Health Functions

The smartwatch is packed with heart rate monitor, it also support blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor. It also has a very important function, the thermometer. Based on its specs, it has a contact temperature sensor on the bottom of the watch. It is able to monitor your temperature 24/7.

U78 PLus SMartwatch

Sleep Monitoring, the smartwatch has a built-in movement sensor to automatically keep track of your sleep. Check the hours of your sleep, the light sleep, deep sleep.

Multi-Sport Mode , of course the U78 Plus 2020 smartwatch  will not be completed without a multi-sport mode, it has hiking, walking, running, swimming, elliptical walk. Get fit and health with its sports mode loaded.

Smart Communication on your Wrist

When it comes to smart messaging and calls, the smartwatch supports Bluetooth calls. It has a built-in microphone and speaker allowing you to receive calls and answer it right on your smartwatch.

You can also dial calls on the device with its built-in phone books, at least 1000 mobile phone contacts can be imported on your smartwatch. With SMS and social app messages, you can read it directly, on your device.

Another Bluetooth function added to the smartwatch is the Bluetooth music, you can adjust the volume, play, paused or stop and even got to the next selection with this support.

Additional functions

Extra functions included are alarm clock reminder, preloaded watch faces, shake to take photos, sedentary reminder, find phone, drink water reminder, fund bracelet and more.

The smartwatch has 200 mAh battery with standby time of up to 45 days. It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity compatible with Android 4.4 or above, Apple IOS 8.4 or above.


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