SkyGrand Smartwatch 2020 – Review of Features

SkyGrand Smartwatch 2020 – Review of Features

Here is a new wearable for those who are looking for an affordable smartwatch. It has a cheap price, sporty simple looking with smartwatch packed with health and fitness functions.

I am not sure if this wearable is a rebrand for SkyGrand or a totally different smartwatch but with similar design to a popular budget fitness smartwatch. Anyways, whether its a rebrand or not let us check its features as well as the specs of the SkyGrand smartwatch.

Health and Fitness Functions of SkyGrand Smartwatch

Multi-Sport Mode

The SkyGrand smartwatch has at least 9 sports mode, it is packed with popular sports tracking feature such as walking, riding, hiking, trekking, yoga, fitness, spinning, treadmill and running. Get fit with the sport functions, each sport function is accompanied by statistics like steps, pace and distance.

If you want to record your map trajectory, the smartwatch supports connected GPS. It uses the built-in GPS of your smartphone to keep track of your movement and location. The complete map trajectory can be checked on the support app available in iOS and Android platform.


All Day Activity Tracking

If you don’t have time in working out, you can still keep track of your calories and daily step goal with its automatic activity tracking. It can record and keep track of your steps, calories, distance as well as number of minutes.

Health Features included in the smartwatch are Heart rate monitoring, it can track heart rate in real time providing complete stats of your HR. It also has sleep monitoring, it has an auto sleep tracking, monitoring the light sleep, deep sleep providing comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality.

Real Time Notifications Right on your Wrist

Received real time updates on calls as well as messages. You can receive SMS messages on your watch, read it directly, it also support social apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedln, Facebook and other popular apps.

Other functions included in the device are sedentary reminder, alarm, timer, 4 stylish clock faces and more other useful features.

Checking out the Hardware and Design

The Skybrand smartwatch has a Zinc Alloy body with a single physical buttons on the side. It looks simple, and lightweight. It has a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. The overall body of the device is IP68 waterproof, it is splash proof, rain proof as well as dust proof.


Hardware Specs

The smartwatch runs the Nordic 52840 processor, it is a fast and low power consumption processor. It has a 1.3” inch TFT LCD with full touch screen operation. It is equipped with g-sensor, heart rate monitor. The smartwatch has 210 mAh battery with 15-30 days standby.

Our Initial Take on the SkyBrand Smartwatch

Checking more details on the device. We found out that it is the model ID205L smartwatch. It is a pretty popular model of smartwatch and has been rebranded by several companies, I guess including the SkyGrand. Just like our review on the ID205L, this model Skygrand smartwatch is light, simple and packed with health and fitness features. It has a simple UI, sports mode and other health function. I guess the number one reason for the popularity of the device is its price, which is almost half the price of other wearables with the same function.

Check more details of the Smartwatch Here

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