[PDF]Tobi Robot Smartwatch User Manual -Download

[PDF]Tobi Robot Smartwatch User Manual -Download

Here is a 28 page user manual for your favorite kids smartwatch. The Tobi Robot Smartwatch user manual. Aside from the specs of your smartwatch, the manual has also some troubleshooting tips for your device.

If you have some questions regarding on how to operate your Tobi Robot smartwatch, you can download the 28 page user manual for your device. For quick glance on its menus and options, you can download the quick start guide below.

Here are some important topics in the Table of Contents

  • System Requirements
  • Using the Dual Cameras
  • Transferring Files from Tobi
  • Games Menu
  • Messaging
  • Specifications
  • Firmware Update
  • Fitness Menu
  • Settings
  • Battery Life and Maintenance
  • Restarting the Smartwatch
  • Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting includes

1. Solution if Tobi Smartwatch Stop Working

2. The Touchscreen is not responding

3. Tobi Robot Smartwatch cannot connect to your computer

4. Tobi Robot smartwatch is not charging

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About Tobi Robot Smartwatch

The smartwatch is a wearable for kids with advanced AI (Tobi Robot), fun interactive games and goals. It has a cute robot effect complete with arms and legs that moves along with its 100+ expressions. Its like your kids personal robot friend. Your kids can accomplish goals to make Tobi happy, feed Tobi, and a lot of other things.

Its fun interactive games is combined with augmented reality to make it more fun and realistic for kids. They can unlock stages, get rewards. Its built-in camera can capture quality photos and videos, they can add fun and cute graphics over it.

Other functions included are watch faces, messaging, fitness activity such as freeze dance and step tracking, there is also a timer, alarm, calendar and stop watch.

Frequently Asked Question about Tobi Robot Smartwatch

How to Transfer Files from Tobi Robot Smartwatch to your PC

1. Plug your smartwatch to the USB port of your laptop or PC

2. Go to your File Explorer, you can see a removable drive called TOBI.

3. Open the TOBI drive, look for the PHOTOS and VIDEOS folder

4. Select the files your want to copy and paste it to your desired location in your computer.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch User Manual

How to RESTART/Reset your Tobi Robot Smartwatch

If your Tobi smartwatch did not response in a timely manner or just want to reset, going back to its factory settings. The steps are pretty easy, just hold the home button located on the bottom front of the body. Press the button for at least 8 seconds to reset the smartwatch.

Is Tobi Robot Smartwatch Waterproof?

The device is waterproof it can withstand splashes from rain, washing hands. Based on its specs, it is not recommended to submerge in underwater. Make it sure that the micro USB port is covered/completely closed to keep the water entering the inside of the smartwatch.

Download the Quick Start Guide for Tobi Robot Smartwatch from MGAE 

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