iTouch Fitness Tracker – One of the Slimmest Wearable in the Market

iTouch Fitness Tracker – One of the Slimmest Wearable in the Market

The iTouch fitness tracker has been around in the market for quite some time, a lot of newest wearables has been introduced in the market but still the iTouch fitness tracker is still one of the slimmest and lightest fitness tracker in the market.

What’s in the box?

• iTouch Slim Fitness Tracker (Color and material vary)

• Clamp Charging Cable

• Additional Strap

Design, Color Options and Battery

It is one of the favorite by wearable fans due to its slim form factor, light design. The smartband measures 12.85mm (w) x 39.25mm (h) only with plastic material. It has a light body but totally compact and waterproof. According to its specs it has IP8 waterproof rating, it can withstand up to 30 feet of water for 30 minutes, so no worries wearing it while swimming.

Aside from slim and lightweight body, the fitness tracker has an interchangeable straps. Choose from variety of color combination for the straps. Color combination includes black-gray, black navy, black-white, blush-camo-white, blush-plaid-white, blush-white, burgundy-blush, leopard black, navy white, rainbow black, white mint, white purple and zebra black.

The fitness tracker has an OLED display with mono color. The screen is not that wide due to the slim form factor but enought to provide you an information, whether its time of alert. Simple display screen with touch button key operation.

The smart band last up to 20 days of normal usage in just a single charge and 30 days of standby time. It uses a clamp charging cable compatible with USB to charge the device.

Fitness Features of the iTouch Fitness Tracker

The wearable is equipped with heart rate monitoring, monitoring your HR in real time. You can check the heart rate data analysis on the support app. Aside from HR, the iTouch also has a blood oxygen monitoring, you can measure your oxygen saturation (SpO2) with the fitness tracker.

Monitor your sleep with this fitness tracker. It can automatically track your time asleep and sleep stages. Check the restful sleep, light sleep and time spent awake). All of the sleep score and statistics can be check on the support app.

Multi-Sport Mode of iTouch Fitness Tracker

Get fit with your wearable with its sports mode. Track your running, swimming, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, cycling, and hiking. The smartband is a total partner for your workout with its loaded sports function. Each sport is accompanied by heart-rate data, calories burned, and elapsed time.

iTouch Fitness Tracker

If you want a map trajectory, the iTouch fitness tracker supports connected GPS, it can use your phones GPS function to provide map with your activity. Aside from sports tracking, the wearable has an automatic step tracking, it has step tracking, calories burned, distance covered, and active minutes.

Additional features included are camera remote via Bluetooth functionality, find device, Do Not Disturb mode, alarm, timer and preloaded watch faces.

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Notifications and Messaging

The wearable supports call and message notifications, it can display calls, text and social app notifications. You have the option to read notifications on your fitness tracker. According to the company, the iTouch Fitness tracker can store up to 5 notifications, the oldest will be replaced by a new one when it is full.


How to Update the iTouch Fitness Tracker?

1. Open the support app

2. Tap the device icon from the navigation bar.

3. Select Update Firmware, Tap the Update button

Take Note: The band will automatically reset when the update is completed.

How to Restart Your iTouch Fitness Tracker

1. Navigate to the Turn Off screen by tapping the Home button.

2. Tap and hold the Home button to power off your tracker.

3. If you successfully turned off the band, hold the Home button for 3 seconds

to turn on your fitness tracker.

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