Timex IronMan R300 GPS Smartwatch – Sporty and Affordable

Timex IronMan R300 GPS Smartwatch – Sporty and Affordable

Seems like every watch maker right now is introducing their own version of sport and fitness smartwatches. Timex one of the popular brand when it comes to sport wristwatches added another wearable in their popular line-up of IronMan GPS fitness trackers.

Already available for purchase, about $120 U.S dollars, Timex IronMan R300 GPS smartwatch. It is a fitness tracker with the same familiar look of Timex Digital wristwatches and other Timex Bluetooth fitness trackers. It has a rectangular body with resin case body making it lightweight as well as durable from impact, the resin material is much more shockproof compare to steel body that other smartwatches employ.

Timex IronMan R300 Smartwatch

Timex goes with a simple approach when it comes to the design of the fitness tracker. Nothing fancy about the design just simple design fitness tracker providing thins that you need on your workout routine. Overall, the smartwatch has a durable make and it is waterproof up to 30 meters.

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The display is just a simple LCD screen with no fancy colors, it is a low resolution display but not that bad, just enough to show information on the screen decently. I guess this is to push the price to a reasonable price and at the same time as well as to save battery life. No matter what the reason is, the display is

Timex IronMan R300 smartwatch

Available in gray color with gray strap, gray with blacks trap and silver tone. The Timex IronMan R300 GPS smartwatch is packed with sport and fitness features. Accurate heart rate tracking, guided coaching, activity tracking with calories, distance monitoring. You can also receive smart notifications, call and message notifications, social app notifications. With its built-in GPS you can track your distance and pace.

When it comes to battery life, Timex boast the R300 battery life, according to its specifications, the Timex IronMan R300 smartwatch has 25 days of normal usage while if GPS is activated it last up to 20 hours in just a single charge.


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