Timex IQ+ Move – Slim, Simple Hybrid Smartwatch

imex got another new hybrid smartwatch, a smartwatch that combines the analog feature that watch users prefer, and digital technology to make the watch have that smartwatch feature. Introducing the Timex iQ+ Move said to be the successor to the Timex Metropolitan+, the iQ+ Move is an analog watch on the outside, digital technology on the inside.

So far when it comes to the design, the Timex iQ+ Move has a conventional look, if you are looking at it, you would say it is just a traditional time piece nothing special except for that elegant look. With its metal alloy case and leather bands, the watch looks pretty sleek, if you want a waterproof version, go for the silicon strap that is also available for iQ+ move. Aside from telling time, the smartwatch has a ticker to see your how far you have achieve on your daily goal, it also has the signature trademark of Timex, the INDIGLO night-light, a feature that provide illumination on the watch face during night time.

Regarding its activity feature, the Timex iQi+ Move is able to track your fitness and sport activity. It has distance, steps, a calorie counter and even sleep monitoring. It is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth connectivity. All of the stats are stored in the support app, you also dont have to worry about the time update or time zone as the time on the smartwatch automatically updates based on the app. Aside fromn the features above, the iQ+ Move has a year of battery life, with its button battery that we see in a traditional smartwatch.

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