Best Fitbit Alta (HR) Replacement Band

Fitbit, one fo the leading companies in the U.S when it comes to fitness wearables, its product line, fitness trackers has been the top choice of sport and fitness enthusiast. The recent Fitbit Alta and Alta HR are the popular pick by fitness fans. They are slim, sporty and loaded with fitness tracking sensors. The support app is also one of the best in the industry, even here in, Fitbit Alta (HR) Is included in our top pick for best fitness band in the market.

If you got one, I think it is a must to have some extra replacement band for your Fitbit Alta(HR). Well if you are looking for one, we got some extra recommendations for you, here are some cool looking replacement bands for you to choose from.

GinCoBand Fitbit Alta Replacement Band with Clasp

The GinCoband band for Fitbit Alta HR is a set of 12 pcs assorted colors of band. Its a free size band that has an adjustable button. What makes the Gincoband a good pick is that you have 12 different colors for just a few dollars. Colors include yellow, pink, green, white and other popular colors. It is a free size band that can be adjust via button, options are 6.7-8.1 sizes for large, small size includes 5.5-6.7 inches.

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Greeninsync Fitbit Alta Bands with Metal Clasp

This band features ultra shock resistant construction, to protect your fitbit from drop and bumps, its durable and has premium material. It also has a secure fastener making it secured well to your wrist. Another feature of the Greeninsync is that all of the replacement bands are hypo allergenic and comfortable to wear. The Greeninsync Fitbit Alta bands include 2 Fitbit Bands, a fastener, 2 metal clasps, 3 colorful fastener.

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Fitbit Alta HR Bands Milanese Loop Type

If you want to wear your Fitbit Alta (HR) band to your office, I think it is better to replace the band with a more office type band that using the TPU Band. One of the best looking office/casual band especially for ladies, is the Milanese type band. Its a woven stainless steel mesh loop that looks classy and professional looking. Instead of a stainless steel buckle, the Milanese uses a magnet clasp design which is much easier to lock. The band cost more compared to a regular TPU band but it is much durable and elegant looking. Although I am not a fan of this type of band, a lot of women prefer this band over other stainless steel design as they are light weight, and comfortable to wear.

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Fitbit ALTA HR Leather bands

if you want to wear your Fitbit Alta HR in office but you are not a fan of metal bands, why don’t you go with leather bands. Try a genuine leather band with stainless steel buckle, it looks durable and touch for everyday wearing.

Here are some of our recommendations

Brown Leather bands – check out this Henoda leather band, it is a classic brown leather strap with stainless steel buckle. Its a high end leather strap from Henoda, based on its description, its a quality genuine leather that is soft and comfortable to wear.

Black Leather Strap by Wearlizer – if brown is not your thing, maybe black will suit you. Its a genuine leather and fits 6.6 inch to 8.8 inch wrist size. Its durable, you can wear it indoor or outdoor.

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