Time Tread Smart watch, Xwatch, Evotron -Weekend Spotlight

Time Tread Smart watch, Xwatch, Evotron -Weekend Spotlight

These past few days smartwatches are one of the top tech products. With the promotion of Prime Smartwatch deals, the upcoming Black Friday Deals, wearables are a hot sell. Of course, popular brands lead the market like Samsung Galaxy Line-up, Apple Watch 6, Fitbit Sense, Garmin, and Fossil.

The above products dominated the market, but there are popular wearables that lead this week. Some of the top wearables are Time tread smartwatch, Xwatch as well as Evotron smart watch. Some of these wearable are popular, as they got the basic sporty, and health tracking but also cheap, making it very affordable. Others also got a unique function that is exclusive only on the device.


These week line-up is top by Time Tread smartwatch, Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch , and Fossil Gen 5e. But before this week ends, a popular brand introduced an affordable smartwatch. The “Amazfit Pop”, a wearable with close resemblance to the popular Amazfit BIP, I think it is safe to say that it is basically the Amazfit BIP U. The smartwatch has a sporty rectangular design. It features, a 1.43” inch high definition color screen with 320 x 302 pixel resolution. Additional features included are 60 sports mode, Bluetooth 5.0 with health, fitness sensor. The smart watch price at $52 dollars which is very affordable, considering the features loaded to it. We, expect to see that this device will be one of the fave for 2020-2021.

Going back to popular smart watches, user are looking for affordable wearable, as much as possible under $100 USD. Smart watches with built-in GPS is a hot pick also. Anyways, we will see if what will be the top smart watch next week. So stay tuned, and always check out weekly spotlight for smartwatches. How about you, what do you think will be the popular smart watch next week?

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