Tikkers Smartwatch for Kids -Model TK1084 Review of Features

Tikkers Smartwatch for Kids -Model TK1084 Review of Features

Here is a popular smartwatch for kids, from the company Tikkers, with an S, not the Tikker smartwatch that counts down your life. This Tikkers smartwatch model TK1084 is one of the popular kids smartwatch from the market, we have the details below for the basic specifications, and features of the Tikkers TK1084.


Design and Build Quality

The Tikkers smartwatch for kids model TK1083 has a fashionable design. It has a rectangular body, a PC material with a kiddie style and with physical button on the side. It’s a 40 mm smartwatch weighing 49 grams only. The body of the smartwatch is available in two different colors, pink, and blue, as well as with skin-friendly silicon watch strap.

For its display, the smartwatch has a 1.4” inch color screen, loaded with quality watch faces that kids will love. On its front screen, a front selfie camera, and on the bottom part of the display is the Tikkers brand name.

Features of Tikkers Smartwatch Model TK1084

Variety of Watch Faces Loaded

One of the main features of the Tikkers smartwatch is the 20 available watch faces. Fun colorful watch faces, kids can pick from digital to analog watch face.

Talking Time Teacher

The smartwatch also tech your kids to learn time. The wearable has a built-in speaker that tells the time. When kids adjust the time, and the device speaks the current time.

Selfie Camera

TK1084 model has a front facing built-in camera. Kids can take photos/videos, and store it in the wearable. It is a fun and exciting  feature for kids, especially that kids love to take photos.

Built-in Games

It is also equipped with built-in games, kids can have some fun with at least 5 games available in the wearable. From shooting games, to ball games. There is always a fun games for your kids, to remove their boredom.

Voice Recorder

Aside from video and photos, kids can also record voice with its built-in voice recorder. The Tikkers smartwatch has a built-in microphone to record.

Activity Tracking

Make your kids get fit with the activity tracking. The wearable is equipped with step counter, recording the steps automatically.

Other functions included in the smartwatch

Additional features in the device are alarm, timer, calculator, voice recorder, stop watch, torch, calendar, and even a calculator function.

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Initial Review of the Tikkers Smartwatch Model TK1084

This wearable is a cool kids smartwatch that is loaded with features that kids will surely love. Simple, sporty design, and with built-in game as well as activity tracking. Aside from that, it has a built-in camera for video and photo capture. So far, the smartwatch has a mixed review with more on the positive side. It is an affordable, lightweight kids smartwatch with friendly features.

Tikker Smartwatch Specifications Model TK1084

Display: 1.4” inch color screen

Body: PC

Weight: 50 grams

Camera: Yes

Activity Tracking: Yes

Colors: Pink and Blue

Waterproof Rating: IP67

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