Tamagotchi Smart Watch – What We Know So Far

Tamagotchi Smart Watch – What We Know So Far

It is the AI of the 90’s Tamagotchi game, a virtual pet that has become one of the most popular toy game in the world during the 90’s and until now, it is still popular virtual pet game for kids. It has come a long way, from a monochrome 8 bit character display to full color with full touch support. And this year, it will be available in a trendy sport smart watch, it is like a Tamagotchi Pix but it is in a form of a smartwatch.

The Tamagotchi Smart Watch, will be available this year just in time for the 25 year anniversary of Tamagotchi, Bandai already made it available in their website providing a sneak preview of the wearable. What do we know about the Tamagotchi Smart Watch? Here are some of the details, things that we know so far about the Tamagotchi Smart Watch.


Design and Build Quality

The wearable is available in two color, coral pink, and mint blue, and looking at the design, it has an egg-like shape, with ABS/PC/TPU body and with at least three buttons on the front. The display is rectangular in shape with the Tamagotchi branding in the top. The wearable has a color screen display but still has that retro feel with its cool graphics. It has full touch screen support as well as voice support. The smartwatch comes in proprietary straps, with the same color as the smartwatch, sadly according to Bandai, the wearable doesn’t have a high waterproof feature. This is due to its micro USB slot on its side that is prone to water intake when you accidentally submerged your smartwatch.

Features of the Tamagotchi Smart Watch

The wearable is loaded with several characters and items, characters available in your Tamagotchi smart are Poptchi, Awamokotchi, Mametchi, KuchiPatchi, Gaogaltchi, Pyueltchi, Wawatchi, TuyoPitchi, Milktchi, Karapatchi. Just like the previous Tamagotchi, your task is to give food, snacks, bath your Pet, as well as dress-up.


Aside from being a virtual pet, the wearable can also work as a regular smartwatch providing time, date, as well as with watch faces. Based on the video preview, the wearable also count your steps, play music, and more.

Voice Support

The wearable supports voice with its built-in mic and speaker. The Tamagotchi can respond to your call. You can take advantage the voice support to command your Tamagotchi pet.

TamaSma Card

Sweet Friends, with Tama Smart Card that add more characters to the your Tamagotchi Smart Watch. There is also a mini game that can be added to your smart watch. You can also add sweet items for your smart watch such as cupcake, sweet jelly, sweet bento, strawberry buffet and more.

Release Date:

The wearable will be available this year, package contents include 1 Tamagotchi Smart Watch, TamaSMA card, charging cable and instructions manual. According to the product page, it will be available for general release on November 2021. But currently it is available for lottery pick, with just 1 smartwatch for one person, it is on a limited sale, and will be available in July.

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