T500 Plus Smartwatch – Upgraded T500

T500 Plus Smartwatch – Upgraded T500

T500 smartwatch is one of the most popular smartwatch when it comes to Apple watch look alike. The wearable is like an exact clone of the Apple Watch 5 in terms of design. It got a similar design, with its crown button, rounded corners, and curved edge.

And now a new wearable is trying to compete with that popularity, it is an upgrade of the T500 smartwatch. It is the T500 Plus smartwatch, the same Apple look, with an upgrade, the smartwatch is developed for those who would love to have the Apple Watch 6 but can’t afford it. It is like an alternative for Apple Watch 6, a cheaper version, sort of.

So what do we know about the T500 Plus and what are the changes when it comes to features vs the T500 smartwatch? Well, let’s check it here, and learn the details on the features of the T500 Plus smartwatch.

If you have the T500 or planning to buy a new Apple Watch 6 clone, what makes the T500 Plus smartwatch a good pick? Let’s check it out.

Notable Features of the T500 Plus Smartwatch

The smartwatch has a much longer body around 33 mm, looking closely more like the Apple Watch 6, with this it also has a bigger wider screen display. Based on its specifications, the smartwatch has a 1.75″ inch IPS screen display, a 350 x 350-pixel resolution with a slimmer bezel. On the video review, it has a much sharper, display, looks more professional looking with its slim bezel.

The larger screen display gives the smartwatch more information to display, compared to 1.54” inch screen display in smartwatches that we see in other models. Just like other latest Apple watch clone, the T500 Plus smartwatch has at least 4 Menu style. You can pick the style of menus that suits your taste.


Still, it has g-sensor for its motion tracking, a heart rate monitoring, and a new welcome addition to the T500 Plus is the support for

Regarding its main feature, the smartwatch has Bluetooth calls, yes you can call directly from the smartwatch with its phone dialer, you can also receive calls and answer it directly with its HD speakers and mic. Other functions related to Bluetooth call are phone book, dialer, call logs.

The T500 Plus smartwatch also support messaging, receive SMS messages, and read them directly from the wearable. It also supports social apps loaded already in the device such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.


Additional Bluetooth function for your entertainment, are remote photo capture, use your smartwatch to control the camera of your phone. It is also equipped with Bluetooth music, play, pause, forward with this feature.

If you are into sport activity, the smartwatch has automatic activity tracking, monitoring your steps, calories, and distance. Its multi-sport mode (Physical training) includes running, walking, rope skipping, abdominal curl, table tennis, climb, tennis, and volleyball

Additional features that you might find it pretty useful are breath training, sound recorder, calculator, and calendar, sedentary reminder. There are some other functions that you can find in the settings section of the smartwatch.

Initial Review of the Features of T500 Plus Smartwatch

There is a huge upgrade in terms of design, especially on the screen display of the device. In the T500 there is no blood pressure support, but with T500 Plus, this function has been added. A huge improvement is also the screen display, a much wider 1.75” inch IPS LCD screen.

A longer battery life, having 4 days of battery life in just a single charge with its 280 mAh polymer battery. So far, the T500 plus smartwatch is geared to copy the new Apple Watch 6, wider body, improved screen display, better battery life.

See full specifications here of T500 Plus Smartwatch

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