Spade and Co Health Smartwatch – Review of Features

Spade and Co Health Smartwatch – Review of Features

The smartwatch collection of Spade and Co is pretty popular, so far they have at least three models for smartwatches. This does not include the smartband that they also promote. We already tackled here one of their sport smartwatch with light and trendy design.

And we are back again with this new smartwatch from Spade and Co, the Spade and Co health smartwatch. This smartwatch is one of the latest from the company, if you are interested in getting one, please check our initial review on this smartwatch.


When it comes to design, the smartwatch has a huge similarity to its sporty smartwatch. I am not sure whether the wearable is the same or not with just a minor upgrade on the software. It has a stainless steel body that is light, compact and it is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Same color and design profile having two-color and with a single physical button on the side with anti-slip feature. The body is accompanied by a sporty silicon strap that is breathable making it comfortable to wear and sweatproof as well.

For its display, the smartwatch has an IPS LCD screen display that is full color and full touch screen as well. On top of that is a Gorilla glass tempered glass screen, that is scratch proof, and a chip roof as well.


Features of the Spade and Co Health Smartwatch

Health Features

Spade and Co promote the device as a health smartwatch. With it, the wearable is loaded with health features. We decided to check on it, and here are the health features of the Spade and Co Health smartwatch.

24/7 Heart rate monitoring

The smartwatch is equipped with heart rate monitoring, checking your heart rate 24/7 with stats and graphs available in the support app.

Sleep Tracking

It is equipped with automatic sleep monitoring, checking deep sleep, light sleep and time. Monitor your sleep and check its status to know the steps on how to manage your sleep stages.


Breathing Guide

Get a healthy lung, stress-free life with the breathing guide. Relax your body and inhale some fresh air with the aid of a breathing guide feature.

Stand-up Reminder

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle with the stand-up reminder. When you are sitting for too long, the feature alerts you to move and stretch for a few minutes.

Automatic Activity Monitoring and Sports Monitoring

Aside from automatic activity tracking where it monitors your steps, distance, and calories. The smartwatch is also equipped with different sports tracking, it has walking, running, spinning, cycling, dancing, climbing, hiking, treadmill, tennis, yoga, basketball, football/soccer, badminton and other workouts.

Spade and Co Smartwatch Specifications

Display: Nordic nRF52840

Display: 1.3″ inch IPS LCD full Touch /2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass

Sensors:g-sensor, heart rate monitor

Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM waterproof

Languages Supported: English, Chinese, French, German, Italy, Spanish, Japanese

Other Functions in the Wearable

Music Controller – control the music on your smartphone with this function. Play, pause and more forward to the next music on your phone with Bluetooth music controller.

Do Not Disturb Mode – you can control the notifications as well as alarm with the DND mode feature.

Call and Messages Notifications – get notified by call alerts, or messages such as SMS or social app messages with the option to read messages in the smartwatch. Social app supported are Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Initial Review on its Features

The Spade and Co health smartwatch have good features and specs. It is a good pick if you are looking for a sport/health smartwatch that is affordable and with an easy access function. So far, checking more information on the wearable seems like it is just rebranded 2020 version of the smartwatch. No changes except the name. Anyways, whether it is a new wearable or just rebranded, still a good pick if you based it on the features= price offering.


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