Senbono Max6 Smartwatch -Rugged Smartwatch Review of Features

Senbono Max6 Smartwatch -Rugged Smartwatch Review of Features

Senbono has a new smartwatch in its collection, the new wearable has a premium look, the design looks like one of the smartwatch from Casio with its rugged outdoor design. Check out the Senbono Max6 smartwatch.

The wearable has a PC body making it durable and lightweight as well. We are not sure but seems like it has a metal bezel fastened with a star screw to make it durable and premium looking as well. There are two physical button with a corrugated design (open and down) to make it easy to use without your finger slipping. With the strap, it has TPU strap that is durable and wide with stainless steel buckle.

It has a rugged sporty design available in gray, green, and classic black color. The wearable looks premium with its rugged design, just like the Senbono says, it is a perfect combination of fashion and technology. If you are looking for a rugged smartwatch but don’t want to spend to much, the Senbono Max6 might worth checking out.

Regarding its display, the Max6 smartwatch has a full circular display screen. It has a 1.28″ inch IPS LCD high-definition screen display with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Aside from the physical button, the smartwatch also support full touch screen operation.on top of that is a tempered glass 10CNC procedure making it crystal clear with touch sensitive screen.

With its sporty and outdoor look, the smartwatch is packed with different features especially in the sporty functions.


Features of the Senbono Max6 Smartwatch

Bluetooth Calls

One of the main features of the Senbono Max6 smartwatch, is the Bluetooth call. It has a built-in speaker and mic allowing you to initiate calls and receive calls right in the smartwatch. Options included are dialer, hold, add call mute and search in contacts as well. Smooth clear, continuous call with its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Health Features of Senbono Max6

Track and monitor your health status with different sensors loaded to the smartwatch. It has heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitoring.

It also has sleep monitoring, checking the sleep quality. The sleep function monitors the deep sleep, light sleep as well as total sleep time.

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Multiple Sports Mode

With its outdoor look, sporty design, it is just fitting that the wearable is loaded with sports mode. The Senbono Max6 smartwatch has several sports modes loaded to it. It has walking, running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, and football. It records your steps, calorie, distance, and heart rate as well.

Real Time Notifications

Aside from Bluetooth calls, your smartwatch can also receive SMS, social app notifications. You can read messages right in your smartwatch. Social apps supported are Facebook, Google+ Linkedln, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.

Additional Features in Senbono Max6 Smartwatch

For extra functions, the wearable has weather report, multi-watch faces, music control, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, and more.


Initial Review of Senbono Max6 Smartwatch

The smartwatch has a sporty outdoor look. It is one of the most affordable rugged smartwatch this year. So far it looks durable, certainly looks outdoor style and with durable breathable strap that matches the body of the smartwatch. When it comes to features, correct us if we are wrong, I think the Max6 smartwatch is one of the few outdoor smartwatch with support for Bluetooth calls.

It has a sport functions but, just not impressed with a few sport function that is for outdoors. We wish that Senbono added a built-in GPS making it a truly outdoor smartwatch. Anyways, still, the wearable is an affordable outdoor smartwatch that might be a good contender for a cheap rugged smartwatch this year.

Senbono Max6 Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.28″ inch IPS LCD, 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Processor: RealTek 8762C

Sensor:Triaxial g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof

Color:Black, Grey, Green

Battery: 400 mAh Standby Time: about 30 days

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above


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