Kospet Magic 3 Smartwatch – Sporty Wide Screen Display Wearable

Kospet Magic 3 Smartwatch – Sporty Wide Screen Display Wearable

Kospet follows its Magic series with the Kospet Magic 3, a sporty smartwatch with a durable premium design. It is available in black, blue and pink color, the wearable has a sturdy body with its metal material.

The wearable has a premium design, with a single button on the side. It doesn’t have rounded edges but more of flat sidings, although it has rounded corners, to give the smartwatch a more trendy look. The wearable has a diamond-cut right-angled metal center frame according to Kospet, with a PC back material that is perfectly integrated together.

It is a medium-size smartwatch with a 37.6 mm body and 11.5 mm in thickness. The wearable is compatible with a .22 mm strap, so you can change it other third-party straps with its quick-release pin. The IP68 is waterproof rated, it is splashproof, dustproof, no worries on wearing it while going outdoors and swimming, or surfing.

With its medium size body, the Kospet Magic 3 smartwatch has a 1.71″ inch IPS LCD screen with full touch support. The smartwatch has a large screen and sharp colors with 280 x 320 pixel resolution. On top of that is a 3D curved glass with crystal clear clarity, it is a tempered glass protecting it from wear and tear especially scratches.


Kospet Magic 3 Smartwatch Specifications

Display:1.71″ inch TFT LCD 280 x 320 pixels

Processor: nRF52840

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor

Memory: 128M

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 220mAh Polymer battery Standby:35 Days

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

Features of Kospet Magic 3 Smartwatch

Health Features

The Magic 3 has a 24/7 heart rate monitoring with its HRS3603 sensor. It provides fast and accurate results even with different skin colors. All of the stats, daily, weekly, monthly is detailed on the support app. It also has blood oxygen monitoring, it monitors the SpO2 in real-time especially if you are working out. Checking the blood oxygen level of your body.

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Additional health functions that you might find it useful is the sleep monitoring function, it is able to monitor your sleep state. It analyses deep sleep, light sleep as well as REM sleep. Complete sleep report and score is available in the support app.


Get Fit with 20 Sports Mode

The smartwatch is packed with sports functions, at least 20 sports modes are available in the smartwatch. Monitor the walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, swimming, climbing, rowing machine, rugby, golf, baseball, elliptical machine, tennis, trail running, skiing, bowling, dumbbells, sit-ups, and free training.

Aside from sports function, it also has automatic activity monitoring, it is able to track the steps, calories, distance as well as HR.

Customization with 50+ Watch Faces

There are at least several pre-installed watch faces, but you can get more colorful watch faces available in the support app. There is also a custom watch face where you can use your own photos as a background for the watch face.

Other functions available in the smartwatch are weather, stopwatch, alarm, music control, camera control. Of course, there is support for notifications, call, and messages, social app notifications.

Initial Review on the Kospet Magic 3 Smartwatch

This new wearable from Kospet looks premium, having a metal body with a good design. With its sports design, the wearable is also loaded with at least 20 sports mode.  If you love sport and fitness, its features will surely fit your personality. The wide screen display makes it easy to access and read the information on the smartwatch. If you love customization, it has at least 50 watch faces to choose from. Anyways, the smartwatch is very affordable, low price and packed with featurs and different health and sport functions.

Kospet Magic 3 Bluetooth 5.0 Full Touch Screen 20 Sport Modes IP68 Wat – colorsmap

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