Sekonda Smartwatch Model 1909 – Sporty, Premium Looking

Sekonda Smartwatch Model 1909 – Sporty, Premium Looking

Smart choice, no time for nonsense, this is what Seconda describes its wearable. Sekonda has several watches in its product line-up, but this is so far the only one with a smart inside on the inside. Simple called Sekonda smartwatch, the wearable has that look and feel of high quality. Here are the details on the Sekonda smartwatch, its features as well as its specifications.

Design and Build Quality

The Sekonda smartwatch has a sporty style design, looking like one of the classic sport watch by Sekonda. It has a circular body design, similar to a regular sport watch with a fashionable look. The smartwatch is medium size, with a PC body design that has two physical button, for power on and a return button. It is a unisex smartwatch but looks better with a large wrist.

The body color is available in black but its strap has several color options. It has a silicon breathable strap, and available in different colors. The strap is interchangeable you can replace it with any other third party strap, just make it sure that it is .22 mm.

Based on its promotional images, its body is durable, and tightly sealed, having an IP68 water resistance rating. It is IP68 water protected up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes in continuous immersion. With regards to the display, the smartwatch has a full circular screen, a 1.3” inch IPS LCD with full touch support.


Features of Sekonda Smartwatch Model 1909

Smart Notifications on your Wrist

With its large screen display, we can read more information on the wrist. It supports SMS messaging, social app notifications, it also support Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedln, and other popular app. The wide screen display gives the users more information to read. Aside from that the smartwatch also can receive call notifications with the option for call rejection.

Get Fit with Fitness Functions

The design of the smartwatch is intended for sports, it is just fitting that the wearable is equipped with several sport functions. Sports included in the wearable are, running, climbing, riding, or basketball. It is not an auto detection but can be activated manually. Each sport function records the heart rate, steps, calories as well as the tie. The additional data recorded depends on the sport function activated.

Health Monitoring

We check on its specs page, and at least 2 health function is included in the smartwatch. There is a 24/7 optical heart rate monitoring, and a body temperature monitoring.  It can be activated when you want to measure, your HR, with vibration alerting you that it has ended.

Additional health functions is the sleep monitoring, it records the total time of deep sleep, as well as light sleep. It will also display the total sleep time between the start time to the awake time.

Automatic Activity Tracking

Although there is a sports function, you can still monitor your activity and other vital data with its automatic motion tracking. It monitors the step, distance and calories. It tracks and records your activity automatically, and shows your total average at the end of the day.

Other functions included in the Sekonda smartwatch are countdown, timer, find phone. If you want to check the correct weather, the wearable is also equipped with weather information, you can see the latest weather report as well as the weather for the upcoming week.

If you love listening to music, it also has Bluetooth music control, it can pause, play, skip or adjust the volume of the music.

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Preloaded Watch Faces and Custom Watch Faces

To give the smartwatch a professional look, the wearable is equipped with good-looking watch faces. For personalization, it is equipped with custom watch faces, you can pick your own photo as a background.

HitFit Pro Support App

Available in iOS and Android platform, the HitFit Pro app records the activity tracking when synchronize with the smartwatch. It provides data and stats, especially for the health function. There is also a section for sports monitoring, you can also make your own sport plan, set the notifications, and more.

Sekonda Smartwatch Specifications

Processor: RTL8762C

ARM: Cortex -M053 Mhz

Memory: 128 KB RAM, 64 KB ROM

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, body temperature monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 240 mAh  10 Days battery life

Waterproof Rating: IP68 rating

Compatibility: Android and iOS

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