Sector Smartwatch Model S03 – Review of Features

Sector Smartwatch Model S03 – Review of Features

Here is one of the latest wearable from Sector, the Sector smartwatch model S03. It is one of the latest smartwatches in their collection. The model S03 smartwatch has a trendy look and follows the latest trend in rectangular smartwatches. See the initial review of its features, as well as specs.

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch has a rectangular body, flat frame case, measuring 43 x 36.5, it is thin, and minimalist in design. It is a light wearable with its alloy body material with a single crown button on the center.

Curved corners, flat brushed finish available in black, rose gold, and silver color. This is a new model with sporty design and accompanied by either a silicon watch strap or a classy milanese steel strap.

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With regards to the display, the smartwatch has a color screen display. It is bright, sharp, and with support for full-touch operation. We don’t have the exact measurement, but usually, in this category, the smartwatch has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. On top of the screen is a tempered glass screen with crystal clear clarity.

So far, when it comes to its design, the wearable has a decent look, it looks comfortable to wear, whether it’s the silicon strap or the elegant milanese steel strap.


Features of Sector Smartwatch Model S03

Preloaded and Downloadable Watch Faces

The wearable is loaded with several preloaded watch faces. Aside from that, you can download several colorful premium-looking watch face from the support app.

Health Function

Heart Rate Monitoring – for its health function, the wearable has also built-in HR monitoring. Check your HR anytime, anywhere with support for 24/7 monitoring.

Sleep Monitoring – if you want to monitor your sleep, the Sector smartwatch model S03, has automatic sleep monitoring. It records your deep sleep, light sleep, and the sleep time. All of the complete details are available in the support app.

Sports Functions – if you want to keep fit, the smartwatch has several sports functions. Sports included are walking, running, cycling, to name a few. For its sports function, the wearable supports connected GPS for its outdoor sports.

Smart Notifications

Get online notifications with real-time notifications. Receive calls, and messages as well as social apps notifications. Social apps supported are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other popular apps.

Speaker Call

We are not sure whether the smartwatch supports full Bluetooth call or not. But based on its specs page, the smartwatch supports at least speaker call.

Some of the features that might be important for your everyday activities are, weather notifications. Get on-time updates on weather, with its real-time weather updates.

Music Control, this is very useful especially if you love listening to music. You can control the music player on your phone with this function. Play, pause, forward to the next music on your phone with the music control function of the wearable.

Additional functions included in the wearable are alarm, timer, sedentary reminder and drink water reminder.


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