Rogbid King Smartwatch – A classy 4G Smartwatch with Dual Cameras

Rogbid King Smartwatch – A Classy 4G Smartwatch with Dual Cameras

Here is the latest smartwatch from Rogbid, a wearable with 4G capability. The smartwatch has a premium material, and is loaded with nano SIM. We have the details below, especially for its features, and specs. See our initial review of its features.

Design and Build Quality

The Rogbid King smartwatch has an elegant rectangular design, an all ceramic body frame making the wearable look premium, feel premium. It has a glossy finished, with a single pusher button on its side, and just below it is a built-in camera.

Measuring 41 mm x 50.4 mm x 16.1 mm, the wearable has a medium size frame but a bit thicker due to the added hardware. The smartwatch is accompanied by an interchangeable strap with metal buckle. It also has a good basic waterproof rating, the IP67 rating, protects it from splashes of water, sweat, it is also dust proof.

The body frame of the Rogbid King is unique as the smartwatch has an all ceramic frame as opposed to other wearables, the back cover only is the ceramic material and steel or zinc alloy for its case. Color options for the King smartwatch are black and white color. The white color according to the company is industries first, making it unique in the world of smartwatches.

Screen Display Technology

When it comes to screen display, the wearable has a full-color screen, a 1.75” inch IPS LCD color screen with full touch support. The screen has a decent screen resolution, having 320 x 385 pixels with 326 PPI. Sharp, bright screen display with slim bezel, both left and right and on the bottom part. Except on the top, giving space for the front selfie camera.

Protecting the screen is a premium Corning Gorilla glass 4, known to be scratch proof, chip proof and with crystal clear clarity.


Features of Rogbid King Smartwatch

4G Capability – Independent Calling

This is the main feature and the best-selling feature of the King Smartwatch. The wearable has an independent nano SIM card, that supports 2G, 4G connectivity. You can initiate call in the wearable, or receive calls directly in the wearable without the need to tether from your phone.

Dual Camera Setup

As we stated earlier, the wearable has built-in cameras. It has an 8.0 MP side camera, you can take videos, photos with the side camera. For selfies and video calls, the 5.0 MP camera comes in handy with support for face unlock.

Multiple Sports Mode

The Rogbid King smartwatch has support for multiple sports modes. At least 9 sports functions is available in the smartwatch. It got the basics such as running, walking, cycling, and more. The outdoor sports is supported by dual positioning system. It has GPS + GLONASS positioning system, providing map trajectory of your workout.

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Health Monitoring Functions

Aside from the above feature, the wearable has several health functions. It has a heart rate monitoring function. With its advance sensors, the wearable provides fast results of your health status.  It also supports blood oxygen monitoring, checking your SpO2 anytime, anywhere. Additional health function is the sleep monitoring, as well as breath training. It monitors your overall health status, and provide data in the support app.

Additional Features

The smartwatch is equipped with calendar, a browser, weather function, Google Play Store, gallery and more.

Rogbid King Smartwatch Specifications

Dimensions: 50.4 mm x 41 mm x 16.1 mm

Processor: SC9832 + PAR 2822

RAM: 1/4 GB

Flash Memory: 16/64/128 GB

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, 4G/2G network band

Display: 1.75″ inch, 320 x 385 pixel resolution

Battery: 850 mAh

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Compatibility: Android and iOS


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