[Review] UMIDIGI UWatch 2 Smartwatch – Cheap Yet Good

[Review] UMIDIGI UWatch 2 Smartwatch – Cheap Yet Good

Although the UWatch 3 has been recently released in the market, still the UMIDIGI UWatch 2 is still a popular smartwatch from UMIDIGI. It is a popular smartwatch from wearable fans with its simple, sleek circular design.

Well, we got one from Tomtop.com and here is our take on this sport smartwatch from UMIDIGI, the UMIDIGI UWatch 2.


The UMIDIGI UWatch 2 smartwatch has a regular price of $58.07 U.S dollars. But because of the Lunar New Year you can get it for $30.99 only with its flash sale! Well, you if you want it to have it in a much lesser price, purchase it via the Tomtop app available in Android and iOS platform. You can get it for $30.69, a very affordable price considering its regular price of $58 dollars.

See the Price and Deals of UMIDIGI Uwatch 2 Smartwatch at Tomtop.com

Package Contents

  • UMIDIGI UWatch 2
  • User Manual
  • Charging Cable
  • Extra TPU Strap
  • Extra 2 Quick Release Pin

Unpacking the UMIDIGI UWatch 2 smartwatch, you can see right away, the sporty circular design of the smartwatch. What we got is the beautiful Milanese black color. Obviously, it has a solid make with its premium metal unibody design. Clean and has a minimalist approach in its design, a bit heavy but it’s a give and take between having a lightweight smartwatch and durable solid design.

It also has a nice classy Milanese steel strap with a magnetic lock. It is beautiful and shouts premium, so far it has a very good magnetic lock. I am not sure in the long run if it will still have that strong magnetic locking mechanism after long duration of use. Anyways, it’s a good thing that UMIDIGI included an extra durable two-tone color strap plus a pair of extra quick release pin. Just in case your magnetic strap won’t work as it is used to be. Overall, beautiful solid design from UMIDIGI, a bit heavy but durable matte finish, it is available in black and silver color.

Umidigi Uwatch 2

Display and Menus

Although it has a circular body design, the IPS LCD screen is rectangular in nature, it’s a full color LCD with good brightness and contrast.  The brightness adjustment has at least 5 levels, making it easy to view the screen even outdoors. The rectangular 1.3  “ inch IPS screen has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution and with touch screen method of operation. It is also has a touch key button on the bottom part, a good alternative to a physical button on the side that is usually common in smartwatches. The touch key button brings you back to the home screen wherever you are in the smartwatch menus.

The UMIDIGI UWatch 2 has one of the most responsive screen we have experienced in a smartwatch, smooth transitions and with sensitive screen, experiencing no lag at all.

There are several ways in accessing its features and menus. Swiping from left to right or vice versa shows the detailed stats of your fitness, this includes the “training” with average HR and calorie. The step counter has a distance and calorie counter, followed by the sleep monitoring. Swiping up shows the first section menu (Training, heart rate monitoring, messages and weather). Swipping it down shows the remote control, Bluetooth music player, timer and settings.


Fitness and Sport Functions

Aside from the training section where you can do a fitness routine, accompanied with HR and calorie counter. The UMIDIGI UWatch 2 smartwatch is also loaded with different sport features. Sports included are walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football.

Each of the sport features is accompanied by heart rate monitoring, calorie and distance counter. So far, it works as intended, I’m not sure on the accuracy on calorie and the distance, for the step. There are times that it is a hit and there are times that it’s a miss. Anyways, its no different from other wearables in its category where there is always an issue on the accuracy of its pedometer.



Other Functions

Additional functions included are call and message notifications, with the option to read messages right on the smartwatch. There is a weather section, updated via the synchronization on your smartphone.


Entertainment and Utilities

For lovers of music, a Bluetooth music player is also on the menus, you can stop, play, forward to the next and increase the volume of the phones audio with your UWatch 2. Similar to the music player, the remote control for camera allows you to use your smartwatch to control the camera on your phone. A very handy feature, especially if you are having a group or selfie photo.

Menus included in the settings “mute” option allowing you to silent your smartwatch. “Brightness” option for its display screen, ‘Switch Style”, at least 3 watch faces loaded to it. See full specs here

OverAll Verdict

The UMIDIGI UWatch 2 smartwatch is a cool looking smartwatch.  It got all the basics that you need to monitor your basic fitness routine. Call and message option works as intended, the option to read information on the smartwatch works OK with a slight delay when you received it on your phone to smartwatch. The fitness training and sport feature, is also good, the lack of built-in GPS or connected GPS might be a disappointment for those who love an outdoor activities with map trajectory. I guess the best feature of the UWatch 2 is its simple but smooth UI and accessing of menus, no lag  no issues .



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