[Review] SunRoad FR721 Smartwatch – The Ultimate Barometer Watch

[Review] SunRoad FR721 Smartwatch – The Ultimate Barometer Watch

If you are in a quest for a barometer fishing smartwatch, a product from SunRoad might be your ultimate  barometer fishing smartwatch. Introducing the SunRoad FR721 smartwatch, a wearable that you need for your fishing needs.

If you are an angler, you know how important these new devices help you in becoming a good angler, it is  not a  must tool in your angling hobby but it certainly help a lot. The more accurate data that you have about the activity of the fish, the better chances of catching a lot of fish, if the moment is right, you will might catch more fish or a bigger one.

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Well, we got one in our collection and so far, the smartwatch is very useful in our angling. If you are interested in getting one, here is our review of the SunRoad FR721 smartwatch for fishing.


This device is a perfect partner for fishing, having a stainless steel body that has a sporty design as well as with waterproof rating up to 50 meters. It has 5 physical on the side to navigate on the menus and select the  options for the smartwatch.

The smartwatch has that trendy look and with a high quality strap, it looks much better compared to a typical silicon strap with its double steel buckle securing the smartwatch in place, I guess  the only drawback with the strap is that it is dirt magnet, but anyways it is just a minor issue.

Another thing that I like about the smartwatch is the variety of color option, pick from silver, purple, gold, black, orange and blue.


Regarding the display, the FR721 has segmented code display that has a good viewing angle and viewable even in direct sunlight. It is also known to be a power saver. During nightime an EL backlight, can be switch on to see the time and other information very clearly. The screen is protected by a high anti-friction glass, able to withstand minor scratches and chipping.


The fishing smartwatch, the device has several useful features that will aid you in catching a lot of fish. Aside from the basic display, the smartwatch has a variety of information providing you fishing tips.

Time – the basis display shows the day, the weather, the time as well as the date. It  has a huge display for the time but you can set the smartwatch to show the altitude or the barometer as the default on the centre display. You also have the option to display the time in 12 hr to 24 hr format.

Altimeter and Weather – the weather icon on the watch face can display at least four weather status, from sunny, partially sunny, cloudy and rainy. The weather feature I think is slightly having an error based on our test, it did not provide accurate weather prediction. For the altimetr, the SunRoad FR721 provided details on sea level altitude, as well as the climbing altitude which is pretty cool and useful also.

Fishing Features

To provide you with the accurate and real time details for fishing status, the smartwatc combines the barometer, altimeter, thermometer as well as weather forecast and time. It can record and indicate barometric pressure for 24 hours with its accurate barometer sensor from Swiss.

Based on the above stats, the smartwatch can suggest a good fishing time, via barometer arrows as well as fish icons on the watch, icons indicate whether the environment is suited for fishing, “bad”,”normal”,”better”,” and “great”.

Aside from the real time fishing recommendations, you also have the option to set at least 6 fishing places and record the air pressure, water depth, fishing pressure to be reminded with the best status.


With the SunRoad FR721 smartwatch,  no need to change it every other day, as the device uses a button battery CR2032 with battery life of up to 1 year. If you run out of juice, the smartwatch battery can be replace easily, the package also comes with an extra CR2032 button battery.


The SunRoad FR721 smartwatch is a multi-function smartwatch that is perfect companion for smart fishing. The barometer sensors make it easy for you to spot whether the environment is suited for fishing. It might not a fully loaded smartwatch but it certainly a perfect partner for anglers. The battery, the display screen and the variety of options makes it a good pick for a fishing smartwatch.

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