[Review] Lenovo Watch 9 – Simple, Elegant Hybrid Smartwatch

[Review] Lenovo Watch 9

The hybrid smartwatch is getting a lot of attention in the world of wearables, I think it is one of the best innovation in the world of smartwatches, they are simple to use with its analog time looking like a regular wrist watch, they also have a non-intrusive way of sending notifications and most of all it has a very long battery life, most last from 6 to 1 year of life before replacement of its button battery.


For those who are not familiar with smartwatches particularly hybrids, you might mistaken the Lenovo Watch 9 as just a regular wrist watch that provides time and nothing else.

The Lenovo Watch 9 has a zinc alloy body with a silicon strap, it has a minimalistic design with s single physical button on the side. Very simple yet look beautiful. The wearable has a watch hand for the time, another analog dial type of information on the bottom part of the watch face but hard to identify due to its small font, which I think is a bit useless.

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.0550 kg, steel alloy body, TPU strap with stainless steel buckle

The dial is 40 mm and protected by a sapphire glass display. On the 12 O’clock markings there is a small LED that blink, notifying you on Bluetooth connection. The back is stainless steel and weighs 51 grams and the overall body is waterproof up to 50 meters. It is a simple yet elegant hybrid smartwatch tha twill surely fit for men and women.

Smart Features

The Lenovo Watch 9 is a hybrid smartwatch that look more like a regular wrist watch, but it also focuses also not just in telling time but also provide notifications and record fitness and health stats. Under the hood it has added features similar to a fully loaded smartwatch minus the LCD screen and HR monitor.

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Well, we check on the Lenovo Watch 9 features especially on the health and fitness and here is our take on it.


Step tracking is one of the main feature of the Watch 9, although you can’t see it directly in the smartwatch, it records your steps and synchronize it later on your support app. So far, it works OK and provided step close enough during our test.

Other features on the support app

Remote Shutter option, smart alarm, smart reminder, watch mode option, Sleep diary and analysis, Work out feature, and graphs for your sport and fitness activities.

Notification Messages

If you want a non-intrusive way of receiving notifications, whether its call or SMS messages, I think the Lenovo Watch 9 will suit you. It has a non –intrusive way of sending you a  notifications. Instead of a display notification, the Watch 9 will alert you via vibration notifying you that someone sends you some messages or call.


The Lenovo Watch 9 is one of the latest smartwatch from Lenovo that is in the hybrid category, which work as a regular watch as well as a fitness wearable. Having a smart feature, the Lenovo Watch 9 suits those who wants to monitor their work-out every now and then but prefer to have a simple device, able to receive notification and record your fitness routine and has a long battery life.

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