[Review] Amazfit Verge Lite – Budget Smartwatch for Fitness Lovers

 [Review] Amazfit Verge Lite – Budget Smartwatch for Fitness Lovers

One of the most compact, lightweight smartwatch  by HUAMI Amazfit is  the Amazfit Verge, it is a sport smartwatch with a trendy lightweight design. For me it is a good wearable for sport and fitness lovers and it is a popular smartwatch among fitness fans.

With its popularity, Amazfit introduce a version with longer battery life as well as with budget friendly price. It’s the Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch, a smartwatch with the same design with that of the Verge but with a lighter hardware, covering the basic sport and fitness that you need in your workout.

Well we got one in our arsenal provided by “Geekbuying.comcheck the price page and here is our take on this budget friendly smartwatch from Amazfit.

What’s in the Box

  • Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch
  • User Manual
  • Proprietary Charging Cable

Our Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch comes in a white box, we got the white color version of the Amazfit smartwatch, but if you are not a fan of white color, the smartwatch comes also in deep gray color.

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The color white is a breath of fresh air from the usual black and gray colors. It has a similar size with that of the Verge, in fact they have the same material just different in availability of color options. If you have the Amazfit Verge, you can even use its charge to charge the Verge Lite.

The smartwatch weighs 45 grams, it is a lightweight wearable  device with a strap and PC body material, it has a single physical button on the side that works as a power/home button for the smartwatch.

The wearable is comfortable to wear, although it’s a bit thick, still you don’t that it is, as the smartwatch is light and having a soft TPU strap. Even if I wear it during sleep, you can seldom feel that you wear the smartwatch at all. Yes it has a PC body and you might think it feels and looks plasticky, well wearing it, I got several compliments saying that I’m wearing a pricey, high end smartwatch.

Although the smartwatch don’t have a swimming feature, the wearable has an IP68 wateproof rating, making it withstand splashes of water, washing of your hands or rain water. It might even survive during short swimming but I don’t advise it.

It is a premium sporty smartwatch, I guess the plain sporty design works and blend well with the sharp AMOLED screen display.


Regarding the display, the Verge Lite has a full color AMOLED display. The 1.3“ inch screen is beautiful as well as with vivid colors having a 360 x 360 pixel resolution. The Verge Lite is the second wearable to from Amazfit to have a full color AMOLED display, usually Amazfit uses reflective display to its smartwatches such as Pace, Stratos and BIP. The display may not be that good when it comes to its performance outdoor or indirect sunlight but AMOLED display of lite is not that bad at all when it is outdoor plus it has a full color sharp display that reflective display cannot provide.

So far, the touch screen is very responsive, switching to different menus is smooth without any lag at all. Use tap to select options, long tap to activate and occasional pressing the physical button to go back to home screen. No worries on the glass durability, it is a Corning Gorilla glass 3 with anti-fingerprint coating, durable and scratch proof.

Under the Hood

We don’t have the details on the processor or the memory of the Verge Lite, Amazfit did not provide any details on that. But we got some details on its sensors and functions. The wearable has a PPG sensor, it is equipped with a high precision optical sensors. It is capable of providing fast and accurate HR, it also supports full day automatic heart rate detection.

So far, it works as intended and the results are closer to the medical HR monitor that we use. Just make it sure that you are not moving and your wrist is on rest to have an accurate results. Another feature that I love for the HRM is the heart rate warning, the smartwatch vibrate when your HR exceeds the warning value, keeping you on check with your heart health.

Additional sensors included in the device are multi-axis accelerometer sensor, ambient light sensor. Although it is a light version of the Verge, Amazfit still manage to equipped it with GPS+ GLONASS for app trajectory making the Verge Lite a good partner for outdoor activities.

I am an outdoor guy, I love walking, cycling and when I’m doing my activities, I love to track  my routes. The dual mode positioning, GPS + GLONASS provides a fast and accurate results, providing map trajectory making the activities more fun and setting goals for future activities.

The smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, making connection to the support app fast and as well as it consumes less power and stable.

See Full Specifications here: https://www.smartwatchspecifications.com/Device/amazfit-verge-lite-youth-edition-smartwatch-specs-review/


The device is a sport and fitness smartwatch, it is loaded with several sport activities such as walking, outdoor running, treadmill, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer and exercise. I tried the cycling feature and so far it works as intended. It was able to track my trajectory providing details on my distance, speed and calorie burned.

It also has a mini map route on the wearable, (just a preview) If you want  more details, you can synchronize it to your support app and check a much clear details of the map trajectory. While doing your activities, the HR automatically monitors your heart condition, whether you are relaxed or not, your HR is light or in intensive status. You can also check some of the details on the graphs right directly on the smartwatch. All your current workout details can be accessed “ Activities” section –menu of your smartwatch.

Of course it has the regular features such as call and message notifications, where you can access and check the SMS or social app messages directly on the smartwatch. Additional functions included are weather, alarm, event reminders. There is also an onboard storage, the Verge Lite works as a smartphone controller, you can connect to your smartphone music player and control it directly from your device. Additional functions included are timer, countdown and find mobile feature.


The user interface of the Amazfit Verge Lite is pretty strait forward, swiping up shows the main menu of the smartwatch, access HR, workout, weather, notifications and more. Swiping down shows the shortcut to the brightness menu, settings to “Do not Disturb Mode”,”Screen Locked”, the battery saver watch mode, and the “flashlight” which the screens works like a flashlight when it is activated providing a bit of illumination to the surroundings.

Power/Home Button with Special Function

The Power/Button has a pretty neat special function, it also works as a shortcut for your favorite sport function. In the settings section,  there is a “Press and Hold the Button”, you can use this to personalized the power button, to open a specific sport activities.

Sleep Tracking

With the sleep function, it automatically detects the time I went to bed and monitor my sleep. It is able to monitor my deep sleep, the light sleep with graphs and additional data on the deep sleep time as well as the light sleep. Showing the sleep score and you also have the option to compare it other users. With regards to the ” Awake Time”. it failed as the data suggest I woke up around 6:39 AM while infact I was awake around 5:00 AM, that is more than 1 1/2 in time discrepancies.


The Amazfit Verge Lite, is an affordable smartwatch for sport and fitness tracking. It is a water down Amazfit Verge in terms of hardware and features, but don’t get me wrong, the Verge Lite covers all the basics that you need in tracking your fitness activities.

If you are into fitness doing some light to moderate activities such as brisk walking, running and  need a fitness smartwatch that is friendly on your wallet, the Verge Lite is a good pick.

But if you want  a more detailed and with lot of customization feature and an onboard storage, well, the Verge Lite is not for you. Again, Huami Amazfit goal is to provide a cheaper fitness track, that is trendy and targets the young active individuals who would like to have a premium looking fitness tracker but in affordable range.

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