RealMe Smartband – Official Unveiling March 5, 2020

RealMe Smartband – Official Unveiling March 5, 2020


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Finally, we already got a final date for the most awaited and first smartband by RealMe one of the sub-brand by Oppo. Remember that we reported last week that RealMe is planning to unveil their first ever smartband. And now we finally got a released date, or shall we say the official unveiling.

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During the unveiling of its RealMe X50 Pro 5G smartphone, the company also gave a short sneak preview of its upcoming wearable. The images along with details on another smartphone RealMe 6 was also twitted by Madhav Sheth CEO of RealMe India. It’s a simple image of the Realme smartband with details “ Mark Your Date Match 5th”. Yes, it is the confirmed date if all goes well, March 5th of this year, that is next week. No details yet on its specs, price or features but expect that more information will be leaked soon. RealMe is still holding on to its details, teasing the wearable fans, creating an environment of excitement for the first ever smartband by Realme.

RealMe got another surprise, with its IoT product goal, the company is planning to introduced its own smartwatch aside from the RealMe Band. Other product includes earphones, smart TV, smart speaker, sound bars. Seems like RealMe plans to compete with the likes of Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei. These companies have already rolled out its Internet of Things adding new product line-up, adding new features every year.

RealMe Smartband

Regarding the RealMe smartband, the fitness tracker has a simple design, having a TPU strap with a traditional stainless steel buckle. Wide body and screen but thin form factor. A possible touch key/touch screen combination and with a full color display screen. Will the RealMe band be able to follow the success of RealMe smartphones? Stay tuned as we find out..

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