Q7 Sport Smartwatch – Setup, Support App, User Manual Download

Q7 Sport Smartwatch – Setup, Support App, User Manual Download

There are a lot of questions regarding the smartwatch, not just on the features and specs. But most especially on how to configure and setup the Q7 sport smartwatch and synchronization of the wearable to the support app.

If you are not familiar with the Q7 Sport wearable here are some basic specs and features of the device.

The smartwatch has a rectangular design with sporty silicon strap. It has a color screen with touch button key operation and loaded with sports and health function. Right now it is available at JCPenny and cost around $20+ or less depending if there is a sale or not.

Anyways, if you already have one and want to configure your Q7 sport smartwatch, here are some few tutorials to get your started.

Q7 Sport smartwatch app

How to Set-up and Connect your Q7 Sport Smartwatch

To use the full functionality of your Q7 Sport device, you need to download the

Please take note: Before setting up your device, make it sure that it is over 80% charge, if not follow the instructions to charge your device.

1. Plug in the USB charging cable into the USB port whether its a laptop or smartphone charger

2. Remove the micro USB rubber cap, exposing the micro USB port. Insert the micro-USB cable to the smartwatch, a battery icon appears on the screen to indicate your smartwatch is charging.

3. It might take a while of the device to charge, especially if its battery empty, it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Q7 Sport to Smartphone Set-up a Step by Step Guide

If you already installed the Q7 support app follow the instructions below to setup your smartwatch, but try to check and do the three steps first before continuing setting up.

>Connect Wi-Fi on your Smartphone

>Turn on Smartphone Bluetooth

>Keep your Smartphone and Q7 Sport Smartwatch Next to Each other

1. Sign up and create a profile after downloading the Q7 sport smartwatch app

2. Tap to connect and search for your Q7 sport smartwatch, just look for the Bluetooth icon on top of the app. The support app will automatically search for your device, make it sure that the smartwatch is close to your phone.

3. Check whether you can see the device on the list. On the pop-up dialog box, it will ask to select your device, check. If the device is present, select Q7 Sport smartwatch to connect your device.

The device will begin to connect and pair and sync, the Bluetooth icon on the support app will show “Connected“, you can also see the battery status of your device if it is successfully connected to the support app.

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How to Download and Install the Q7 support app for Android and iOS platform

For Android platform

1. Open the Google Play Store

Search for the “Q7 app”, tap in to download the support app. The current version as of this writing is Q7 version 1.1.9 by AX Technologies. The size is around 23.15 MB.

For iOS platform

1. Open iOS app store, the same with Android just search the Q7 app  in the app store for iPhone and tap “Get” and install, the current version is 1.2.1.

You can Download the User Manual Here for Q7 Sport Smartwatch

The user manual is a comprehensive 10 page manual for the Q7 Sport device. It provide instructions on how to set-up, synchronize as well a troubleshoot your Q7 sport smartwatch. Below are the contents of the user manual

Q7 Sport Smartwatch User Manual

Table of Contents

Getting Started – Whats in the Box

Setting Up Q7 Sport Smartwatch – Charging your Smartwatch, Download Smartwatch app, Connecting Syncing and Pairing

Basics – Navigating Q7 Sport Smartwatch, Adjust Settings

Apps and Features – Notifications & Messaging, Timekeeping, Activity Tracking & Sleep, Sedentary Reminder, Connected GPS, Camera Remote, Find Device

Wear and Care

Updating, Restarting, Erasing

Regulations and Safety Notices

Download the User Manual Here


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