[PRESALE] Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smartband

[PRESALE] Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smartband

The unveiling date is June 11, 2020, it is just several days away, but several eshopping site including Gearbest.com has already started the PRESALE of the wearable.

The band is price at $50.99 as of this writing, I guess the price is much higher compared to the rumored price. This is expected if you want to be the first in line on this new smartband from Xiaomi. Early adopters usually pay much higher for the first batch of wearable.

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Anyways, we got some preliminary specs and features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the smartband has a much wider display screen. Having a 1.1” inch AMOLED display. It got SpO2 sensor aside from heart rate monitoring, NFC support. Features included in the device are Amazon Alexa support, remote photo capture, MI AI voice assistant and a physiological function for women. There is also a PAI support in addition to its sports mode.

Check out the link below for the PRESALE page of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Other website where you can check for the latest presale of the Mi Band 5 is Aliexpress, they also have several good deals there regarding this new smartband from Xiaomi.

Check the PRESALE PAGE HERE of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

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