Ourtime X01S 3G Smartwatch In-Depth Review

Design – the Ourtime X01S 3G is an upgrade of the X01 model, still Ourtime goes with the rectangular design instead of the popular circular watch design. Although the x01S almost has the same design with Ourtime X01, the new model looks classier due to its slimmer profile, thinner body and with a longer length making it looks proportional compared to the boxy square look of the X01 model.


The Ourtime X01S has a metal body both the upper case and the back cover making if feels like a premium durable watch. Two buttons on the side home/power and return button, between the two physical buttons, is a camera, and other side of the watch is a SIM slot tray which is a huge upgrade to the SIM tray of X01 model, which you have to use a screw driver just to insert your SIM. With the Ourtime X01S 3G, you only need to remove the back cover if you need to install a memory card.



The smartwatch has a proprietary leather watch, making it classier. It looks durable, and premium but stiff. I advise you not to get it wet as there is no third party watch strap available for it.



Overall, it has a sport design, well built, yes a bit bulky but just right for those who have a much bigger wrist and would love to have a sporty rectangular type smartwatches.


Display – with a 1.54 inch IPS screen and 320 x 320 resolution, I like the display quality of X01S having a nice viewing angle even under the sun, it is still crisp, clear UI. The Ourtime X01S 3G looks sharp and bright and protected by a curved glass, I am not just sure whether its scratch proof or not, but it has a crystal clear quality and I find the watch very responsive in navigating the series of menus. There is no flip your wrist to activate the display, so just set the display time for a longer period, there is no ambient mode, just set the brightness in the settings if the default brightness is not enough.

Software – the operating system is what most smartwatch fans are interested into, a proprietary O.S is ok, but due to lack of apps, makes it harder for users to add extra functionality and usage provided by apps. The Ourtime X01S 3G uses an Android O.S, with this there are a lot of apps available for download, especially that X01S is preloaded with Google Play.



Downloading apps in Google Play is a breeze, just a small issues with typing text in a small screen which is pretty a challenge. Preloaded apps and features include email app, gallery, music player, calendar, browser, Google Map, and Google Play.


Hardware – the smartwatch is powered by a MediaTek 6572 processor, 1.3 Ghz with a 1 GB RAM and  8 GB internal memory, the OURTIME X01S 3G does have a smooth and fluid operation. I did not have any issues switching from apps to apps.


The 8 GB storage is a lot of storage space for a smartwatch, the additional support for 32 GB SD card makes it ideal for those who would love to have some music files in their smartwatch, so far the speaker is good, audible and loud. I did some few tests with the GPS and so far it gives an accurate reading on my location (idle mode).

I’m just not sure whether it can sustain an accurate reading of my position in active mode (example travelling), the watch uses a gravity sensor to measure your steps, so far it has only a slight discrepancy to my manual count.


It state that there is a heart rate monitor, but we don’t see any sensors on the bottom, we opened the app and tried to measure our HR, it says that I have to put my finger on the camera to measure my heart rate (what??), so far it works, but I don’t trust or rely on its accuracy, seems like it is just providing me some random heart beat rate.

Well, WIFI works ok, as well as the Bluetooth connectivity, connecting it to Android O.S (iOS is not supported). And  of course the micro SIM works perfectly, I was able to make a call and received calls without any problems at all. But I still advise you to check your local network whether it support the following network specifications of OURTIME X01S 3G.  See Full Specifications of the Ourtime X01S 3G



  • GPS
  • Android 5.1 Based
  • 8 GB Internal memory + 32 GB TF Card support
  • Loud Speaker


  • No Dedicated Health apps
  • Non Interchangeable watch strap
  • A bit heavy and bulky

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