Fossil Takes a Shot with its 40 Hybrid Smartwatches

The recent report for smartwatches leaves a bad taste for smartwatch manufacturers, a huge decline in sales means uncertainty for this next generation device, yet despite the recent news and current status of the smartwatch industry, watch manufacturers is not stopping in creating their own versions of smartwatches hoping that this latest issue with smartwatch is just a minor hiccup in the industry, and looking forward for 2017, that may breath a new life and excitement for the industry.


The recent company to put more emphasis in this emerging market is Fossil, after the Q series smartwatches, the Fossil Group will be launching 40 new hybrid smartwatches, these smartwatches includes Armani, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Diesel. I guess with the current situation right now with display smartwatches (digital), the Hybrid smartwatches might be the way to go for manufacturers, hybrid do have a classic analog look, much more discrete when it comes to notifications, and longer battery life.

Hybrid smartwatches is very popular due to its battery life and ease of use, but there is a huge problem with hybrid smartwatches, its notification features is limited, most of the hybrid smartwatches alert the wearer by vibration, for example, one vibration is a message, two is for call, three vibrations, and notifications from social sites. As you can see it’s pretty limited, other companies are making new and creative ways to provide much more personalized notifications as well as new adding more options in this section. See Misfit Phase on its notification features. Despite its shortcomings, the hybrid is becoming the best option for users when buying a wrist watch, with Hybrid you get the best of both world, a classic look that we love, and range of smartwatch features.

Anyways, Fossil did not release any details about its specs and availability, or what type of notifications does it provide. We still have to wait I think this month or next for updates and availability…stay tuned..

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