No.1 S9 Smartwatch – Loaded with NFC and 2nd Gen Heart Rate Monitor

No.1 as we all know is one of the top companies now when it comes to bringing affordable smartwatch in the market. This first quarter of 2017, No.1 unveiled a new smartwatch, this is to cater the needs of smartwatch aficionados especially for loyal fans of No.1 who needs a new smartwatch that has good specs but won’t break the bank.

The new smartwatch to open this 2017 is the No.1 S9, a smartwatch loaded with new features and specs. Looking at the watch there is a slight resemblance with the affordable popular smartwatch No.1 G6, with No.1 S9 as a much better looking smartwatch. Under the hood, No.1 proudly introduced the No.1 S9 as an NFC enabled smartwatch, yes it got NFC, it also has a second generation heart rate monitor making it more precise compared to other smartwatches.

Other details of the watch includes a 240 x 240 touch screen interface, bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, notifications and calls and it is powered by 380 mAh battery and it is compatible with iOS and Android platform. So far, so good with its specs, for the price it is not yet known but expect, it to be affordable to the masses, anyways stay tuned on this new wearable by No.1, we will bring you more update and additional details on its features when No.1 S9 is already available for pre-order.

Here are some basic specifications of the No.1 S9 smartwatch

  • Processor MT2502
  • Second-generation heart rate; Support with Android system and IOS
  • NFC Support; Frequency band : 13.56MHz
  • Remote Music and Camera
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