No.1 DT2 Smartwatch – Review of Features

No.1 DT2 Smartwatch – Review of Features

Here is the latest smartwatch from DT No.1, sporty, premium looking with a lot of customization feature. The No.1 DT2 smartwatch. The wearable has the latest feature, as well as functions. Health, fitness, and with exquisite look. See the initial review below of the features, and specifications.

Design and Build Quality

DT No.1 promotes the No.1 DT2 smartwatch as a sport smartwatch, and a classic casual smartwatch with its elegant design. The smartwatch has an elegant stainless steel watch frame available in black, fashion silver, and rose gold color. It’s a borderless lightweight smartwatch with a single rotary button on the side. It looks beautiful, premium with its rounded edges. For its strap, the No.1 DT2 smartwatch is available in silicon strap with Milanese steel strap option. It’s a full waterproof smartwatch with its uP68 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, and dust proof as well

New integrated design with its customization feature. You can make your wearable a sport rugged smartwatch with a rugged strap/case for the smartwatch.


Very slim bezel, full circle, 1.19” inch high definition retina display. The smartwatch has a 390 x 390 pixel resolution with a wide field of view, sharp, crisp display with intuitive UI and colorful watch faces. To give it an premium look, the wearable is covered by a 3D glass with crystal clear clarity.


The No.1 DT2 smartwatch runs the RTK8762D chip, with g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, as well as ECG sensor. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and compatible with Android and iOS platform. For its battery capacity, the smartwatch has 200 mAh battery with 30 days of standby time, and 7 days of typical usage mode, 10 hours in sports mode.


Features of No.1 DT2 Smartwatch

Rotary Crown Button

One of the main feature of the No.1 DT2 is the rotary button. It is now more than just on and off button. You can now use the rotary button to zoom in and out, switch between watch faces and more.

Bluetooth Call

With its built-in speaker, and mic, the smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth calls. It supports hands free calls, dial keys, phonebooks, call logs. A total hands-free call on your smartwatch.

100+ Beautiful Watch Faces

Personalized your smartwatch with 100+ watch faces, different design from sports, digital, cartoons, machinery to technology. There is also an option for customization for watch faces. Add your own photo as a background for watch faces.

Wireless Charging


Easy, and fast charging with the wireless charging function of the smartwatch. The wearable has a charging cradle that makes it easy to change your No.1 DT2 smartwatch

Multi-Sport Mode

Get fit with multi-sport mode, pick from shipping, basketball, badminton, football, cycling, strike running. It monitors the steps, calories as well as distance. Plus it supports automatic activity tracking.

Health Functions

The smartwatch is equipped with health functions, it has a heart rate monitoring, function, checking your heart rate 24/7. It is also equipped with ECG monitoring with its PPG+ HRV. Additional function included are sleep monitoring, providing in-depth analysis of different sleep stages from sleep time, deep sleep to light sleep.

For women, the smartwatch has menstrual monitoring, it actively monitors the menstrual period, length/cycle and more.

Bluetooth Music

Control the music on your phone with Bluetooth music function. With its built-in speaker, you can also listen on your smartwatch. Play, pause, next and previous. Control the music on your phone with your smartwatch.

Other Functions

The wearable is quipped with alarm, remote control for photos, stop watch, weather forecast, find phone and more.

No.1 DT2 Smartwatch Specification

Display: 1.19 IPS, 390 x 390 pixesl

Processor: RTK8762DK

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, ECG

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Waterproof Rating: IP68 waterproof

Battery: 200 mAh battery, Wireless Charging

Compatibility: Android and iOS

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