Angel Watch – A Kids Smart Watch -Review of Features

Angel Watch – A Kids Smart Watch -Review of Features

Check this new kids smartwatch in the market that is gaining some fans. Here is the Angel Watch series R. Get connected with your kids all the time with this standalone smartwatch for kids. Here are the details on the Angel Watch Series R smartwatch. Check out the features of this smartwatch.

Design and Display

The smartwatch has a PC body, looking sleek, and sporty. Angel Watch smartwatch has a lightweight design. It has a single power on button/ SOS button on the side. Trendy design, looking like a premium smartwatch that kids will surely love.

The Angle Watch is also equipped with an HD camera located on the front top of the wearable. There is also a built-in speaker, a microphone, waterproof SIM card slot and a flashlight. For the strap, the smartwatch has a sporty hypo-allergenic strap that is skin friendly.

For the color options, the smartwatch is available in royal cadet blue, ruby rose pink and lunar jet black color. Overall, the smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, rain proof. It is able to submerged for up to 1 hour underwater for 30 minutes.

When it comes to display, the Angel Watch has a full color rectangular screen, The screen has a good brightness and contrast that is eye friendly. The wearable supports touch button key operation, located on the front bottom part of the wearable.


Features of Angel Watch Smart Watch

Independent Call and Message

The smartwatch is equipped with nano SIM card slot available in the left side of the wearable. It supports two-way cellular + video calls, 4G LTE connectivity. Your kids can send messages directly in the wearable. The GMS network support worldwide GMS compatibility. Also supports voice and picture messaging with its built in speaker and mic, and its high definition camera.

Health Functions

The Angel Watch smartwatch, is one of the kids smartwatch that is loaded with health functions. It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring. Aside from that, the wearable is also loaded with body temperature monitoring.

Sport and Sleep Function

To keep your kids health and fit, the smartwatch also supports step counter, distance as well as sleep monitoring. The step and sleep function, monitors your sleeps automatically.


Safety Features For Kids

Aside from direct communication with your kids, and at the same time, video calls. Below are additional safety function in Angel Watch.

Real Time GPS and Historic Tracking

Learn the current location of your child. See where your kids is located via GPS built in the device.

GEO Fencing

Get alerted when your kids goes out of the specified border specified by you. Its like an electronic fence, to keep your kids safe, alerting you in real time if your child roams outside of the safety zone.

Secure Parent Controlled Phone Book

No one can add a new phone number to the wearable. There is a security feature that parents can only edit, and add contact numbers in the device.

SOS Emergency Calling

It is one of the most important feature for the safety of your kids. The smartwatch has a shortcut button that kids can press in times of emergency. Its an SOS button, that kids can press to initiate SOS emergency calls.

Discreet Remote Listening

A “Sound Guardian” feature, where parents via the built in mic of the smartwatch can listen discreetly is happening around the child.

Additional Functions that your Kids will Love

Watch Faces – the can personalized their smartwatch with preloaded watch faces

Camera – take pictures in high definition, and store it in the gallery section of the device

Add Friends – with WIFI connectivity, kids can add each other as friends. Send voice, and picture messages, Angel Watch to Angel Watch directly to another

Match – arithmetic challenges available to entertain as well as challenge your kids

Translate –with the Google Translate, a support for multi-language translation by text, voice

Gamify Good Behaviour – they can receive heart rewards with good behaviour achieve by the child

Other Functions Included in the Device

Additional functions included in the smartwatch are Do Not Disturb mode, watch faces, multiple alarm clocker, weather, language support, schedule and more.

Additional Details Regarding your Angel Watch, A Kid smartwatch

  • The smartwatch is full compatible with Worldwide GMS compatibility
  • It comes with complimentary SIM card – partnered network are Red Pocket Mobile (Contract free service through AT&T)
  • Uses secure Angel Watch app in iPhone and Android platform
  • Multiple Language Support at least 16 languages are supported

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