No.1 D7 Smartwatch Review – A Classy Look Android Smartwatch

Here we are again to bring you the latest smartwatch from No.1, this time it’s an Android based smartwatch equipped with SIM functionality. We already featured this wearable, several times here at smartwatchspecifications, featuring its design and its huge capacity battery. Well let’s get to know more about the No.1 D7 smartwatch its features and specs.

Design and Display

the No.1 D7 has 316L steel body with a glossy finish, it is very obvious based on the design, it is intended as a classic office type smartwatch combined with its leather strap with stainless steel buckle. It has a sort of a gear design on its bezel that adds a bit of texture class to its body. There is a single crown button that works as a power button and a return button as well.

It is a bit thick almost 0.47” inches and heavy having a product weight of 78 grams. But I think it is just ok, my Fossil wristwatch is far heavier and thicker than the D7 and it is comfortable to wear. Regarding the display, it has a 1.3 inch” touchscreen IPS LCD display with 360 x 360 pixel resolution, providing clear and sharp display. I find the display of the smartwatch very responsive and has a much better viewing angle compared to other smartwatches with the same pixel resolution. It is viewable even outdoors with options to adjust the screen to make it dim or increase its brightness.

Features and Hardware 

The smartwatch is powered by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, but you only get less storage space as the other space has been occupied by the O.S. All of the options such as settings and apps are very accessible, No.1 made the UI very intuitive with all of the necessary options in just one location. With the apps, it is also in just one location with the option to set it to grid or list display. Our No.1 D7 has only  4 GB of space as we only have the prototype watch but in the product sold online its about 8 GB in storage space.

See Full Specifications

Here is a quick preview of the features and apps in the O.S. No.1 D7 is preloaded with at least 22 clock skin, some are detailed and with animations while other are just plain analog watch face. If you love to add more, the web has plenty of available watch faces to download (read our tutorial on how to add a clock skin).  Note: Using the smartwatch, I think the only issue with watch faces is that there is no option for 12 hours format time when you switch it to a digital format clockskin, others reported that there is no option for AM/PM.

Swiping from bottom to up leads you to the settings of the smartwatch and other options such as, SOS, brightness settings, speaker and options such as silent mode, vibrate, or ringing mode. Tapping on the clockskin directs you to grid menu. Swipe from down to up to access other options, menus include step tracker, that shows you the steps you have taken, calorie counter, the distance with graphs and history of your workout. There is also a sleep monitoring that is manually activated, health reminder includes sedentary and water reminder alarm, weather app that is updated via GPS, WiFi or both.

Sadly it did not work for me, other also reported the same issue, the weather information is stuck for Shenzen China only and in our case it’s now Alaska, the weather doesn’t update no matter how I set it in the settings. Other apps include compass which works well, and provided similar results during my side by side test with my iPhone. Other apps include calculator, a browser, video music player.


The battery life according to No.1 is about 5 days, a double standby time compared to other Android smartwatches. So far in over a week of using the smartwatch, turning off all the connectivity, the smartwatch last at leasts 3 and half days of battery life. I don’t know if this has change with the latest firmware update, hopefully this could be fix soon, having a double standby time is one of the bestselling feature of the No.1 D7 smartwatch.

SIM – the No.1 D7 is a smartwatch phone, it is equipped with a nano SIM compatible with WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz, GSM 850/900/1900/2100MH. It has a nano SIM stray with a tray cover that is very easy to remove. You don’t need a special tool such as a screw driver to remove the SIM tray cover and install the SIM.

Support App – the No.1 D7 is a standalone smartwatch, practically no need to download no need to download any support app just to make your smartwatch work. But if you want to see the overall stats of your workout, make your D7 smartwatch as a support device to your smartphone, you have to download the FunFit app to be able to receive notifications. The support app is available both in iOS and Android platform.

OverAll –  in terms of design and pricing, it is clear that No.1 D7 is on the top list. It is an affordable Android smartwatch with a classic professional look. The UI is good, it got the features that you need for an Android smartwatch, if the preloaded apps is not enough you can download easily from Google Play that is also available in the smartwatch. Of course there are some issues, there are some function that don’t work or shall we say not performing what is supposed to do. But No.1 said it is already working on the issues, and might be rolling out an OTA firmware update or will just release a downloadable firmware that you can use to update your No.1 D7 using a flash tool.

FIRMWARE UPDATE: There are some complaints on the weather, the battery life as well as the wake-up feature, it’s a good thing that No.1 is active and already noted these issues brought up by D7 users. According to No.1 they are already fixing some issues, with the firmware update. The latest update has already fixed some issues like weather and battery usage according to No.1 and more to follow, so stay tuned.

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