Best Smartwatch Strap with Quick Release Pin (Quick Release Band)

Whether you have a wrist watch or a smartwatch, I’m pretty sure you are a fan of quick release or shall we say quick release strap. Quick release strap made it easy for watch fans to change the strap with ease, no need a special tool to secure the band into place. In a traditional pin, you have to use a special tool or sometimes you have to bring your watch and the strap to a watch maker to let them attach the spring bar.

This strap wonder has small steel knob that you have to pull to push the pin in the bar and release it when it is already align with the watch, easy attachment of the band without the need of expertise or special tool, just your common sense.

Well we have here a collection of smartwatch strap with quick release pin, check  out the list below from stainless steel, leather to nylon watch strap. See our top list below:

Coohole 2017 New Fashion Leather Strap Replacement 

If you are a fan of leather strap, check out this classic looking leather strap from Coohole, the strap is made from durable material PU leather. According to Coohole the leather strap is soft, elegant looking as well as it is comfortable to wear. It is available in black, blue and red color, and available in .22 mm, 20 mm and 18 mm watch strap. What we have above is a .22 mm watch strap that is compatible with Samsung Gear S3, Amazfit Smartwatch, LG G Watch and other popular Android based smartwatches with removable strap.

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Pinhen Leather with  Stainless Steel Replacement Strap

Another leather strap for your smartwatch to have a classic look, it’s a solid leather strap with premium stainless steel strap. Love the brown classic color of this strap it look good, classy and durable looking compared to other leather strap that is combination of several pieces sewn together. The Milanese steel strap will look good on a smartwatch adding elegance, I think for me, the strap will look better more for women.

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TRUMiRR 22mm Stainless Steel Watch Band Strap 

This band is for the fans of stainless steel, it’s from TRUMiRR the replacement strap is .22 mm in size and made from stainless steel. The design might be common, we see it in a regular wrist watch with stainless steel strap. What we love about the strap is the butterfly buckle that is concealed underneath, it looks clean, it looks durable and of course it is very easy to attached to your new smartwatch with its switch spring bars.

The strap will look good on Asus ZenWatch, Huawei Watch 2, Gear S3 as well as Fossil Q smartwatches.

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Silicone Replacement Sport Strap with Quick Release Pin

If you are a fan of silicon strap due to their sporty look and waterproof feature, here is a good recommendation, check out the Silicone strap from FanTek. The sport strap has a high quality material, it’s thick and durable but you me find it uncomfortable to wear for the first few days due to its thickness but overall it’s a quality band. The silicon band is available in black, blue, red turquoise, white, green, walnut and a combination of both.

Longer side: 131mm; Shorter side: 83mm; Wrist Size: Fit for 6.9″-8.7″(176mm-221mm) wrist.

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 FanTEK Soft Silicone Nike Sport Quick Release Watch Strap 

Here is another silicone strap smartwatch, the design became popular when it was first released with the Apple Watch Nike version. The silicone strap is Nike style band with a breathable and waterproof design. The size according to its specs is suitable for wrist 6.50″-8.66″ wrist (165mm-220mm). Available in different combination of colors such as black/grey, black/blue, black/red, black/volt and other striking color combination

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KoolBands Woven Nylon Watch Band with Stainless Steel Buckle And Quick Release Pin

Nylon watch strap are unique, they are sort of a casual strap for smartwatches, not to office type not too sporty either. It’s a great strap for those who want a simple, durable and lightweight strap. A strap that is great for sport and fitness enthusiast, it is also for those who are allergic to silicon band, the nylon strap is waterproof perfect for swimming, diving, outdoor sport plus they easily dry fast compared to leather strap. If you want one, check out this nylon strap with quick release band by KoolBands is available in 20 mm and 22mm spring bars, it is also soft, stylish and with strong stainless steel strap.

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Here are some of the latest smartwatches with .22mm strap for your Refence

  • Samsung Gear S3 Classic
  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
  • Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63
  • Fossil Q Founder 2.0/ Grant/ Marshal/ Wander/ Crewmaster/ Nate: 22mm width
  • Xiaomi AMAZFIT
  • Martian Notifier
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