Moochies Smartwatch – Review of Features

Moochies Smartwatch – Review of Features

We have here another smartwatch for kids that is worth checking out. The Moochies Smartwatch, a wearable with a fun, trendy design just for kids. Unlike the Prograce that we stated here, this wearable is much more inclined for the security of your child, where as the Prograce is more of fun entertainment.

But we are not here to compare the two wearables, our main focus here is the Moochies smartwatch. As we have describe, the wearable is trendy. It got a PC body with a single physical button on the side(right) and on the left side is a SIM slot for 4G connectivity. There is a stationary camera on the top of the smartwatch, with the option to take photos and videos. It also has a sporty silicon strap that is breathable and of course we are pretty sure pretty safe for kids skin.

Another thing that makes the smartwatch cooler for kids in terms of looks is the option for straps. Kids can personalize their smartwatch with the strap that suit their personality. Pick from printer straps, coloured straps, fabric straps or legacy 3G straps.


Features of the Moochies Smartwatch

For its features, the wearable is more designed for the safety of your kids. With it here are some of its features especially on the security functions.

The wearable is equipped with SIM, with it so you can have connectivity with your kid. With its camera, you can regularly call, video call with your child. There is also an option for text and voice messages. Of course there is a “Class Mode” to avoid your kids getting disturbed in the class.

Another “Safety Feature” to ensure your child safety is the GPS tracking. With the GPS tracking, you can keep track of your child’s location via the MAP. you can also put a safezone to the map. Its like a perimeter fence, get alerted when your kids venture out of the safe zone you set.

There is also an SOS option for emergency cases, your kids can set an emergency alert when something goes wrong. There is a button that your kid can press in time of emergency cases.

Safe Contact List, although there is an option for your kids to receive calls, not all can directly call your child. There is a pre-approved contact list on your kids smartwatch for safety. Other functions included in the device are the activity tracker alarm, of course, the built in camera.

The Moochies smartwatch has a good specs, especially for the storage, it has a built-in 4 GB of storage space, it also has Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI connectivity aside from the 4G SIM network. Check the full specifications below of the smartwatch.


Moochies Smartwatch Specifications

Dimensions Height: 51mm / Width: 41mm / Depth: 16mm

Display Screen: 1.44″ OLED, 240×240 Resolution

Sensors: GPS / Accelerometer / Gyroscopic Sensor

Storage: 4 GB

Camera: 2.0MP Front Facing Video Camera

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 700MaH Lithium Polymer battery

Waterproof: IP67

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